Application Modernisation

We have the people, products and processes to help you achieve your modernisation goals.

Utilise application migration and modernisation to transform your organisation in a way that will lock business moments that increase your value.

Whatever the future holds for your applications, they need to be flexible in order to keep up with your business changes. However, most organisations have incumbent legacy applications that lack agility and prevent you from taking advantage of modern technologies, commodity infrastructure and Cloud platforms.

We have successfully solved modernisation challenges for hundreds of organisations over the last 30 years. Therefore, we have the skills, expertise and products, to partner with you to tailor, make and implement a modernisation strategy for your organisation.

Minimal Business Disruption

Automated tools ensure that business logic and user interface remain consistent.

Increased Agility

The ability to react quickly to business changes and new opportunities with reliable business intelligence using critical, core – and often bespoke – applications.

Minimal Risk

Tools-based approach, proven methodology and 30 years of experience in successfully delivering these projects.

Key Features

  • The selection of appropriate tools to redeploy and transform your legacy applications onto your choice of UNIX, Linux, or Windows platform  

  • Automated, proven, market-leading products 

  • Professional services delivered by the top consultants in the industry 

  • Use of our PathFinder as a migration analysis and evaluation tool to ensure the success of your Application Migration  

  • The opportunity to extend your critical applications, add a GUI, switch to relational database or integrate with other enterprise applications

Our Application Modernisation Services

Application Understanding

Manage, maintain or modernise your application portfolio more efficiently to aid the growth of your organisation.

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Application Modernisation Strategy

Prepare your organisation for the delivery of modern applications, and the migration of your system to a better environment.

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Cloud Enablement

Our Cloud enablement service is a best-of-breed risk-free approach for Cloud services integration that provides clients with service level management, remote monitoring, coupled with our application development and application management capabilities our customers engage with us to manage their Cloud operations and the applications that sit within them.

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IT Outsourcing

Our IT Outsourcing services deliver a flexible and agile service, specifically designed to help customers align their IT functions to their core business requirements.

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Protecting your systems, protects yourselves, your customers and your business. We understand this which is why we have developed our security services offering.

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Advanced’s Managed Hosting services provide a secure, high performance, operating environment for Advanced customer applications. The service is delivered from UK data centres and is monitored and managed 24/7, and aligned to assist your GDPR compliance.

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