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Our 20 years of experience means we have the people, products and processes to help achieve digital transformation of your applications. Our services can deliver a deep understanding of your applications, as well as support your journey to a more modern environment.


Our Application Analyser can understand over 100 different languages, providing rapid, in-depth insight into your legacy environment. Your ability to interact with your applications is complete, from bottom-up source code parsing and inspection to top-down strategy planning.

Modernise & migrate

Our PathFinder process delivers a custom roadmap between where you are today and where you need to be. This is done through discovery analysis, business/technology reviews, and collaboration workshops that culminate in an actionable, fact-based project plan. Whether you are running IBM mainframe, COBOL, OpenVMS or VME, we have the solutions to help you re-host these applications on modern platforms.


Through utilising our Application Analyser and investing in our modernisation and migration services, you can fulfil your organisation's digital transformation strategy. Leveraging Cloud technology, and mobilising your applications will future-proof your IT, and ensure you stay competitive. Your return on investment will also come through, greatly reducing costs as maintaining your expensive, legacy applications will no longer be necessary.


Once we have helped you with the understanding, migration and modernisation of your legacy applications, we can continue to support your system. This can be through a range of options including 24x7x365 Service Desk, access to Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments, IT Outsourcing and Managed Services. 

Our Application Transformation Services

Application Understanding

Our Application Analyser rapidly and deeply understands your applications to ensure that the transformation strategy agreed is the most effective and efficient for your business needs.

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Advanced can migrate your OpenVMS legacy applications into a more modern environment that will benefit your organisation.

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Advanced can migrate your legacy applications from their VME environment into a more modern environment that better supports your business-critical operations.

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Advanced are able to migrate your COBOL legacy applications into a more modern environment that best suits your organisation's needs.

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IBM Mainframe

Advanced transform your legacy applications by migrating them from an IBM mainframe environment to a modern one that best supports your organisation.

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