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Our 30 years of experience in Application Modernisation means we have the products and process, along with skilled consultants, to help achieve the digital transformation of your applications. Our solutions can deliver a deep understanding of your applications, as well as support your journey to a more modern environment. Regardless of where you are on your digital transformation journey, we have the capabilities and experience to ensure success.

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Application Analysis

Without detailed and accurate documentation, maintaining and supporting applications can be extremely difficult. For companies running in-house developed applications with complex technology environments, this is a common issue. It means they struggle with analysis, scoping projects accurately, and development and maintenance is slow, resulting in a negative impact upon productivity. Our Application Analyser can understand over 100 different languages, providing rapid, in-depth insight into your application portfolio. Your ability to interact with your applications is complete, from bottom-up source code parsing and inspection to top-down strategy planning and portfolio management. Understanding your applications is a critical first step in any major application project. After that, an effective, customised modernisation strategy can be developed and executed.

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RePlatform & ReHost

The converging of platform technology is becoming a necessity. With different platforms coming to the end of their lives, infrastructure transformation needs to be undertaken by most organisations. Standardising your platform and Cloud enabling your environment can lower costs and greatly improve your IT. At Advanced, we can help you to rehost your applications and enable them for the Cloud through IBM Mainframe Migration, OpenVMS Migrationor our VME Migration Services.

Re-Architect & Transform

Transforming and modernising your applications through converging your applications into the same development technology is becoming essential. Doing so will future-proof your IT, extend the value of your mission-critical applications, reducing the cost of maintaining your legacy environment, and ensure you stay competitive. We are experts at modernising applications written in legacy languages including COBOL Migration. Our application re-architect tools and methodology transform these applications to highly maintainable and functionally equivalent applications written in modern programing languages like Java and .NET. 

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Maintain & Support

Ageing technology naturally leads to a shortage of skilled personnel who can support older applications. Expertise is often in short supply. Though it is an important investment, it can be costly with little or no ROI.  The experience of our teams means Advanced can maintain and support your legacy applications and/or infrastructure to allow your organisation to focus on innovation and core business initiatives. We can ensure your modern and legacy applications integrate with each other so that your IT is optimised and working together the way it should. Our well-established development experts can enhance your applications to guarantee they evolve to meet your workload’s needs now, and in the future. The services we offer deliver your organisation with a consistently supported and maintained IT estate that will benefit your organisation’s growth.

Reimagine your digital transformation through modernising your legacy IT.
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What does the death of the Itanium chip mean for those still using the OpenVMS platform?
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Our Application Transformation Services

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Application Analysis

Our Application Analyser rapidly and deeply understands your applications. Understanding your applications ensures your digital strategies are the most effective and efficient for your business needs, and the necessary process of documenting them is eased.

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OpenVMS Migration

Support for the OpenVMS environment is decreasing. Keep your applications working for your organisation today and tomorrow but migrating from the legacy OpenVMS platform to future-proof environments. Our specialists can expertly carry out this modernisation.

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VME Migration Services

Our re-host and re-platform services can migrate and modernise your legacy applications from the VME platform to benefit your organisation. We will create and execute a digital strategy that secures the future of your activity-critical applications.

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COBOL Conversion

Rearchitect your COBOL applications to remove the drain and struggle of maintaining legacy applications. Transform the digital experience of your organisation by adopting modern technology that will work for you now, and far into the future through COBOL Conversion.

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Re-Platform & Re-Host

Our tried and tested re-platform and re-host services work to modernise and migrate your IT. Our specialists will develop and execute a digital strategy that will carry your organisation into the future through your applications.

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Application Re-Architect & Transform

Keep your organisation competitive and efficient through digitally transforming your applications. Re-Architect your legacy applications into modern languages that will better function today and tomorrow. We specialise in transforming COBOL applications.

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Reimagining Legacy Applications to Embrace Digital Transformation

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Three Ways Application Analysis Tools Can Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Your application portfolio represents a large investment for your business. It is a major asset and critical to the day-to-day operations of any organisation, but there is also the significant cost for maintenance and support of these applications. It is widely reported and accepted that over 70 per cent of IT budgets is spent on maintenance and support of existing applications.

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Why Itanium’s imminent demise further increases the risks associated with OpenVMS applications

The OpenVMS operating system was developed back in the 1970s, and it continues to drive numerous mission-critical business systems worldwide. These often custom core applications are invaluable to organisations across industries ranging from nuclear power to international financial services. Large sums of money and decades of time have been invested in these OpenVMS applications to meet very specific needs - but end-of-life is looming large and planning for their future is now a matter of urgency.

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