Latest Findings: 2020 Mainframe Modernisation Report

What does the future hold for mainframe applications? 

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Over 35 years’ experience in Application Modernisation

Legacy technology can hold your business back, slow down productivity and increase your costs, if it is not managed effectively. We can provide highly automated tools, combined with specialist skills in understanding and transforming Mainframe, OpenVMS and VME environments, as well as third and fourth generation languages.

Software and skills you can rely on

Market Challenges


High costs

Maintaining and operating legacy applications can be incredibly expensive, statistics suggest they can consume between 60-80% of corporate IT budgets. This is because integrating and modifying them is complicated and risky.


Skills shortage

The employees that have spent decades managing legacy applications are now beginning to retire – taking the vital skills they have acquired with them. A new generation is now reaching employment with a skill set based on modern programming languages.


Difficult integration

Lack of standardisation means legacy applications struggle to integrate with modern technologies and platforms. This can halt your digital transformation strategy, particularly if it includes Cloud consumption.




The possibilities for a successful Application Modernisation strategy


Discover, assess and design, transform, test and deploy your application modernisation strategy

“Advanced's proven migration methodology and initial PathFinder process helped us analyse the migration before we even started, and gave us the confidence that Advanced was able to handle this complex project.”

Alan King, Chief Engineer

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“With no package replacements for our unique applications, migration offered the quickest, cheapest and lowest-risk option for us to move from our DEC VAX platform to an open, flexible Windows server environment.”

Martin Heaton, Control Systems Development Manager

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“I thought I knew what my application did, but I was wrong. Advanced showed me how much more there was than I assumed…this assessment was one of the best things we did.”

Mark Rubel, Director of Application Development

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