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Advanced are at the Northern Ireland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition!

We’re excited to be attending this year’s Northern Ireland Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition event taking place on the 22nd June at the TEC, Belfast. Why not make the most of the event by planning your day and pre-booking a 15 minute demo with us? We will make sure we have a nice refreshing drink ready for you – we know exhibitions can be thirsty work!

Why we're exhibiting

We're here to offer our expertise on how our workforce management solutions can supercharge manufacturing and streamline your operations to make you more productive, efficient, and profitable.

We know the manufacturing industry is routinely juggling a variety of wide-ranging challenges, from on-site security to concerns around productivity and simply ensuring you have the right people, with the right skills, on the right shifts, at the right time. At Advanced, our workforce management solutions help manufacturers become proactive with their people. This frees your employees to better harness their time and efforts in ways that will materially impact your performance. Whether it’s our Time and Attendance, HR, Access Control, or Performance Management solutions, we're attending to show you how we can help you supercharge your manufacturing.

Supercharging your manufacturing by becoming proactive with your people

Join Advanced’s Country Director for Ireland, John McManus, for an illuminating insight into how the manufacturing world can supercharge their operations by making gains from an improved and proactive people experience. Manufacturing organisations operate in a fast-paced and demanding environment, and productivity is vital in helping you push for success. But unfortunately, employees within manufacturing often suffer from an overreliance on manual or outdated systems and processes. We don’t believe that the strive for efficiency means making sacrifices in your people-led strategies- in fact, we believe that both go hand in hand.

In this talk, John will demonstrate how the right mindset, leveraged alongside the systems and technology you rely upon daily, can supercharge your people and unleash their potential, such as giving managers a real-time view of wage-spend versus budget, and creating and consuming real-time reports. He will also walk through Advanced’s workforce management systems and how our range of solutions are built with the core goal in mind of helping businesses achieve excellence whilst removing the daily admin tasks for managers, but to also supporting the needs of the people who are so vital to their success.

Our showcased solutions

Advanced T&A

Advanced Time and Attendance software helps organisations of all sizes stay compliant with the new Statutory sick pay legislation by automatically calculating the number of sick pay days your employees are entitled to. Real time tracking of data gives you the peace of mind to understand that your employees are being paid accurately for their hours worked, each and every pay cycle.

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HR Manager

Our HR software, HR Manager, gives HR teams and employees quick and simple access to all HR functionality, which includes automatically calculating the number of sick pay days your employees are entitled to. HR manager offers employees the self-service functionality they need to process sick leave requests, feeding them through to people teams in real time, giving you immediate oversight of absences, which must be accounted for.

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Advanced Performance Management

An agile continuous performance management solution that supports staff and boosts engagement.

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