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The US's Leading Time and Attendance Software

Advanced Time and Attendance Software offers integrated business solutions for an integrated employee attendance tracking. It enables business owners and management of midsize to large companies to accurately record employee hours automatically at any location.

Cloud based or On premise Employee Time and Attendance Systems provide complete time tracking solutions for your organization. Advanced helps companies to mitigate operational costs on Labor Costs, Overtime, Complex Scheduling Requirements.

Time & Attendance


With Cloud based Time and Attendance Software you can track employee hours in one system.

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All-in-One Time & Attendance Solution

Best suited for 100-10,000+ employees

HCM App dashboard

Leave management

Simplify time-off requests with employee self-service features.

Time Allocation (TAS)

Track projects and labour activity accurately based on hours and cost.

Attendance Reporting

Gain comprehensive workforce reporting on employee attendance.

Time Clock & Punching Options

Seamlessly capture time with our diverse range of clocking options.

FMLA Tracking

Ensure compliance with all regulations related to paid time off.

Health & Safety

Increase employee accountability with real-time visibility of your workforce.