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Secure your sites and record movement of your people

Whatever your industry and whatever your business type, you need to keep your premises safe. With access control systems you can regulate and record the movement of staff, contractors and visitors in real-time, at multiple entry points. It can also help streamline your clocking-in processes (especially when integrated with our time and attendance software).

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Understanding key issues


Inefficient site management

Without knowing where your people are on site and who is assigned to which piece of activity, you run the risk of losing control of your sites which could snowball to immediate productivity challenges.

Low workforce productivity

Access Control may not be an immediate factor that comes to mind when thinking about productivity but it's an integral component both for wellbeing of your people and visitors, as well as for ensuring smooth running of business operations.

Lack of site security

How can you trust that only authorised people can enter your premises? Now more than ever there is a need to secure your sites to avoid unwanted breaches, especially for those who run confidential projects or hold data on site.

Wasted time on clunky devices

Efficiency and security is often threatened when your people use legacy hardware due to bug risks, exterior damage over time and just general slowing down of software running the terminals.

Harsh environments

Can you hardware handle it? Terminals or access units can be at risk of damage if you have an active premises or site, for example, if you are in a workshop with operating machinery and potential dust or residue from materials are flying around.

How Access Control can help you


“Advanced’s Time & Attendance software system saves a great deal of time and produces accurate information at the touch of a button, rapidly reducing labour and administrative costs. The system allows managers to have a greater understanding of their teams and budget more accurately,”

Katina Styles, HR Director

“We implemented a biometric fingerprint clocking terminal to register steward attendance and allow them access to restricted areas – removing the need to carry a barcoded card and reducing potential misuse. A clear user interface also made it possible for our safety officers to quickly verify when stewards have arrived at the stadium and what areas they are responsible for. The system has simplified our payroll process and reduced admin tasks. We can also ensure matches go ahead despite unforeseen circumstances.”

David Beresford, Deputy Safety Officer

“Since then we have kept up with the upgrades, got all of our 13 sites clocking in using the system and upgraded our TMS export to take things into account, such as, average pay/hours for four-on-four-off staff and shift premiums for various shifts – all with differing rules depending on which site and department the employee works from.”

Stuart Carroll, Payroll and Systems Manager

  • Axminster Tools & Machinery
  • Blackburn Rovers
  • Yearsley Group