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Take your workforce management to the next level

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Advanced helps businesses like yours unleash their true potential.

Experience your employee data like never before with powerful and integrated solutions to your complex time and attendance, payroll, HR, performance management and access control needs. Use our intelligent systems to drive efficiency, increase profitability and improve the engagement of your people.

Transform your people experience for the better


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Payroll Integration


Performance Management


Rostering & Scheduling


Absence Management


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Access Control



With 19,000+ customers and 2,400+ employees, Advanced provides enterprise and market focused HCM solutions that allow our customers to reimagine what is possible, innovate in and improve the lives of millions of employees in the in APAC and globally.

The solutions we’ve perfected over the years

Absence Management

Gain real-time visibility of your workforce, improve absence and vacation planning and detect absenteeism trends.

Time and Attendance

Make every second count with our world-class T&A system. Streamline repetitive tasks and save time through automation so that you can focus on what really matters.

Performance Management

Realise the full potential of every member of your staff. Our software allows for the setting and tracking of clear, short term goals, encourages regular conversations between management and employees, and gives your people the opportunity to give and receive feedback from co-workers.

Rostering and Scheduling

Make employee shift scheduling a cinch with our scheduling software, helping you ensure that the right people are allocated to work at the right time for the right cost.

Employee Self-service

Get your employee experience up to speed so they can clock in and out from any device, any where. Give your staff the option to view their hours, absences and leave as well as upcoming shifts and availabilities.

Time Clocks

Whether you’re looking for a proximity time clock or a more cutting-edge biometric solution, we have the hardware you need.