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bksb for NHS and Social Care workers


bksb has partnered with Health Education England to give access to bksb for free. This is available to all NHS trusts, community, primary and social care employers.

▶  bksb & HEE

The bksb and HEE agreement

Available to all NHS trusts, community, primary and social care employers our partnership with HEE supports trusts to:

  • Help prepare employees who would like to take a functional skills qualification e.g. for an apprenticeship. This platform will not provide the examination or qualification itself, but the examination can be taken at a local college or FE provider.
  • General upskilling and gaining confidence around learning.
  • It can also be used by employers to do a skills analysis of a group to inform workforce planning.

Individuals can study at their own pace and access the system at any time. To get started, email with the following information:

  • Who will be the main contact for the trust
  • The number of learners you would like to access bksb

How does it work?

A video presentation

Below you will see a demonstration by Abdul Saboor, Functional Skills Tutor and ESOL Specialist at Oxford Health NHS Trust, explaining to learners how to use bksb.

This has been produced by the trust and tailored to how staff work in that setting so gives a feel for how you can use the product with learners.

How is bksb used for Apprenticeships?

The bksb solution allows for easy integration of English, maths, and ICT Functional Skills and GCSE eLearning into the workplace, and doesn’t impact heavily on the working day.

Functional Skills have been a mandatory component of apprenticeships since October 2012, and despite a recent reshuffling of qualifications and greater emphasis on GCSEs within apprenticeships, Functional Skills will continue to play a large part of apprenticeships for the foreseeable future.