The Advanced World community is designed to bring everything you need from Advanced into one single place.

Focused on simplifying your digital support experience with easy case logging, clear case updates, AI-powered search, and AVA our friendly chat bot.

In 2023, you can expect further enhancements which will connect you to a community of other users and your Advanced team, through discussion forums, user groups and further integrations.




The one stop shop for all your support needs

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Articles available 24/7

Thousands of help articles available

In the community you have instant access to release notes, how-to's, software downloads and more. There are thousands of articles available to help you get the best out of your Advanced solution, and our AI-powered search will help you pinpoint the most suitable ones. Enhanced feedbacking means you can also let us know when an article isn't quite right, or help us recommend it to other users.

  • Benefits
    • Find answers for common questions
    • Learn how to get more from your system
    • Easily find the latest release notes for your product


Introducing AVA - our friendly chat bot

Should our support materials not answer your question, why not try our friendly chat bot, Ava? Ava will help you navigate the community and uncover other ideas and solutions for your issue. If she can't help, during our working hours she can connect you to one of our live agents who can guide you on what to do next.

  • Benefits
    • Guidance through available resources
    • Personalised to your specific products
    • Connects you to the right individual to help with your query

Raising a case

Time to raise a case?

Case logging is quick and easy in the community, and your case management screen provides a clear view of all your cases and their status. A clear display of your case history, recently closed cases, and cases awaiting your review ensures that you can swiftly take action in the right places.

  • Benefits
    • Suggested articles appear as you type your case description
    • Easily track case statuses
    • All your updates and solutions in one place

In control

You're in control

Are you the lead administrator for your organisation or department? Contact the support team to ask about enhanced permissions, allowing you to view all cases for your account, manage users and perform password resets. In the Advanced World Community, you're in control!

  • Benefits
    • Monitor cases across your organisation
    • Keep your staff accesses up to date
    • Puts the power at your fingertips

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