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Advanced Marketplace helps organisations to bring spend under control, allowing users to make their own purchasing decisions from a selection of suppliers, and reducing rogue spending. 

Efficiency and visibility are two of the main priorities for procurement teams. Whether your organisation is within the NHS, Higher Education, local government, or the private sector, we have a solution that is simple to use, implement and manage.

“Before Advanced Marketplace, we used to spend hours searching for products in physical catalogues. Since we started using Advanced Marketplace as our procurement solution, our team have been able to save an average of 3,300 hours a year on admin time.”

University of Leeds

Key capabilities

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We understand and solve your key issues

We build products which are designed to solve our customers’ key challenges.

  • Struggling to keep spend under control

    With organisations growing in size and complexity, it’s getting more difficult to prevent rogue spending. The current methods used for procurement (such as purchasing cards) take away control from procurement teams. Most procurement teams want the ability to see how money is being spent, and to negotiate better deals with suppliers. However, many find this challenging when they don’t have the right tools at their fingertips.


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  • Not enough people to handle admin work

    Many procurement and accounts payable staff spend most of their time solving invoice mismatches, chasing after suppliers, and carrying out other manual processes. When they could be focusing on more important tasks like planning and budgeting.


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  • Lack of visibility around spend

    With strict budgets, teams need the ability to understand how money is being spent across the organisation, in real time. If procurement teams are unable to understand where items are being sourced from, it is more difficult to meet sector-specific initiatives (such as increasing the use of local suppliers).


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  • Poor communication with suppliers

    Maintaining relationships and gaining the best prices from a large pool of suppliers is increasingly challenging. Having to contact suppliers for updates on prices and product information is time consuming for both suppliers and buyers.


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More than just spend control software

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Who succeeds with us

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"We implemented Advanced Marketplace University-wide in March 2019 and went from having 24% catalogue purchasing compliance to 80% compliance by March 2020."

— The University of Melbourne

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"Previously, the end-to-end process would comprise of around 15 individual steps but this has reduced down to 4 with e-Invoicing being implemented."

— The University of Queensland

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"After we started using Advanced Marketplace for purchasing goods, our requisition and purchase approval process went from seven days to a couple of hours, and in some cases, minutes."

— Tivolee Spragg, Associate Director of Strategic Procurement

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Planning your journey

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Working through the action plan, we execute the plan with you and get you ready to adopt Advanced Marketplace.

On the road to go live


Congratulations, you’re live! This is where our Customer Success program really kicks in to provide you with more value and make sure you are maximising your chances of reaching your goals.

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