We give organisations the power to extract, validate and transform data from documents - with no errors. Every time.

The Advanced Data Automation solution provides businesses with a tool to ensure 100% accurate automated processing of documents across the back office. This means teams can spend less time on manual data entry and more time analysing trusted data.

Whatever types of documents your back-office process and whichever industry you’re in, the ability to trust your data without doubt is critical to ensure future business growth. With Advanced Data Automation, your organisation is supplied with perfect information to enable rapid transactions, eliminate manual processing, and provide the confidence to make strategic decisions based on accurate data held in your systems.

Challenges in Data Automation


Data Automation



Invoice Automation

Manage the accurate movement of data from invoices into your business software.

Robotic Process Automation

The perfect integration for robotics and automation

Advanced and RPA integrations allow robots to access 100% accurate data to perform business specified tasks in accordance with enterprise goals and requirements.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is technology that allows a business to build robots to emulate tasks usually performed by humans within digital systems. RPA robots observe what actions are performed in the user interface and develop task lists, automating and repeating these tasks. The robots interpret, action responses and communicate with other systems to complete these tasks, therefore the quality of data supplied to them is imperative.

robotic process automation diagram

Data Automation can feed its perfectly processed data into virtually any end system


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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Advanced Data Automation?

    Advanced Data Automation is a data extraction and automation service for business documents.

    Advanced’s solutions enable touchless processing for your business documents, providing you with data you can trust.

    Advanced Data Automation is the only data extraction and document automation solution to guarantee perfect data quality.

  • What document types can Advanced Data Automation process?

    All document types can be processed within Advanced Data Automation, this includes pdf, csv, docs, docx, html as well as jpg and png, we can even process the email body.

    To enable straight-through non touch processing with 100% accuracy, we need to extract the data layer, which is accessible within pdf, csv, docs, docx and html formats.

    Our service maps the data directly from the document to an electronic document structure, XML, for automatic submission in your end system.


  • Are you GDPR compliant and can you handle taxes like GST (Goods and Services Taxes), PST, etc.?

    Yes, and our system is VAT (Value Added Taxes) compliant for invoices in Europe as well as GST and PST compliant for Australia, India, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

    The system can be configured to handle any other taxes or business specific requirements.

  • Can Advanced Data Automation handle multiple languages?

    Yes. Our system processes documents from multiple different languages and we work with our customers to enable specific language requirement requests.

  • What countries or regions does Advanced Data Automation work in?

    Our customers are spread all over the globe and we process documents in multiple languages. We’ll work with you to meet your regional data processing requirements.

  • What is the cost of the service?

    The costs for service users are based on a monthly subscription cost and a cost per document transaction.

    The service is free to use for suppliers/senders.

  • Are electronic signatures required?

    In most North American, European, and Asia Pacific countries, electronic signatures are not a requirement of the local tax authorities. In regions where they are not needed, we do not encourage them, as they add cost, time, and effort for the supplier (and buyer) and only act as a barrier that impacts supplier adoption. In regions where electronic signatures are a requirement, we support them.

  • What is required for onboarding?

    The service has been designed with simplicity in mind, and to minimise the impact on your operations.

    All we ask is that you get your suppliers/senders to send digital invoices to an existing or new email address for us to collect and process. The data from each document will be extracted from the email and will be forwarded back to you for upload into your back-end system for matching and processing.

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