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Seize every billable second with Carpe Diem
Blog //21-06-2022

Seize every billable second with Carpe Diem

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Time is money. An infamous three-word phrase that has stood the test of time and is as pertinent as ever when it comes to billing in a law firm. Every six-minute increment counting towards greater profits and performance down the line especially when considering an equally infamous three-word phrase, “every little helps”.

Time recording software is a vital tool, ensuring that billable time is tracked – which remains one of the most challenging tasks that busy legal practitioners undertake and remains a challenge for most as casework becomes more diverse across devices and software.

Advanced’s time recording software Carpe Diem is designed to capture every revenue event. This is by combining various elements of time keeping to seize every billable second of work:

  • instantaneous timekeeping, ensuring time is consistently captured with the option to capture time the instant it is worked;
  • reconstructed timekeeping, where our TimeFinder functionality automatically suggests time entries that may have been missed; and
  • mobile timekeeping, which works on Apple and Android devices.

Beyond timekeeping

Time recording should not only be about highlighting the actual amount of time worked, but also about saving time on administration and other unbillable tasks and monetise that time as much as possible.

Carpe Diem has process automation built in to assist with transparent billing and time reporting, and the Task Centre can be used to schedule and run regular notifications via email or SMS to timekeepers to alert them to complete and submit their time entries efficiently.

Through effective reporting and forecasting, which Carpe Diem can provide dashboards and metrics in creating, resources can be effectively allocated and workloads properly managed to ensure that your time is maximised.

Not only does the comprehensive time capture tools that Carpe Diem provide assist with fast and efficient billing, but through transparent billing you continue to build trust with your clients and cut time that could otherwise have been spent in disputes.

5 and a half hours

That’s how much time a month each fee earner could save through more efficient time keeping and effective resource and workload management from utilising the full range of benefits that Carpe Diem offers.

Click here for more information about Carpe Diem and to speak to a member of our team today. Remember, time is money after all.

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