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Shooting for awards success with Advanced Clear Review
Blog //28-10-2022

Shooting for awards success with Advanced Clear Review

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

Multrees Investor Services an award-winning provider of outsourced platform, investment administration and custody services, is hoping to win a Project of the Year Award for its implementation of Advanced Clear Review.

We’re delighted to share that our customer, Multrees Investor Services, is in the running for Project of the Year Award at the Hr NETWORK National Awards 2022 in Scotland for its recent implementation of our performance management solution, Clear Review.

Multrees entered this award category as it believes Clear Review has enabled it to showcase how progressive it is as an employer, by putting regular performance reviews and feedback at the heart of its culture. 

Carole Lamond, Head of People at Multrees, told us:

“We’re really proud to be changing the culture at Multrees by showing we are an employer that listens to our teams, and value their feedback. Our nomination for this award is a testament to that. The change in culture at Multrees has been driven by the implementation of the Clear Review solution.”

Clear Review has been pivotal to a number of initiatives the team was looking to drive within the business, such as ensuring relevant objectives are frequently monitored and reviewed for all employees. The team also wanted to increase employee-to-employee recognition within the business.  

“When we saw Clear Review for the first time, it was obvious that this was the product for us. Everything we needed for feedback, objective monitoring, and recognition, was brought together in one product,” Carole added.

Although Carole and the team are still in the early days of using the product, they are already looking ahead to additional areas where it can be implemented. “The next area we are looking to implement is the Talent Snapshots functionality to drive performance and salary reviews.”

The employees at Multrees have been extremely complimentary about the Clear Review solution since implementation, saying it has contributed to higher employee satisfaction levels.  Positive feedback given through Clear Review is shared with the whole organisation and at a board level, so employees are recognised for good performance and feel more appreciated at work.

Carole explained:

“Clear Review has transformed the feedback culture within our business. We have commenced multiple initiatives such as ‘Feedback Fridays’ to enhance our culture, and the simplicity of the Clear Review tool makes it easy to do. Using Clear Review is improving the performance of our teams across the whole business.”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Multrees team and wishing them all the best of luck at The Hr NETWORK National Awards 2022 on 10th November. #hrna22

You can find out more about Advanced Clear Review here

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