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The Advanced 2022 Technology Adoption Fund is here- don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to transform your people experience.

14/11/2022 minute read Julie Lock

Digital transformation of systems and processes is one of the best ways that businesses can achieve accuracy, compliance and excellence in their daily operations. Unfortunately, it is also far too common for people management transformation projects to be parked, meaning that businesses are left to languish with unsuitable and outdated solutions that hold back productivity and efficiency.

In light of the ongoing cost of living crisis and recession, the idea of transforming your software and technology may seem a pipe dream. At a time when business finances are more constrained than ever, there is often little scope to go to market and find a solution which works for you.

At Advanced, we believe that efficient and modern people management software is the foundation of an excellent people experience. We also believe that transforming your software and technology doesn’t mean having to break the bank, which is why we’re proud to announce the Advanced Technology Adoption Fund. We’re making technology adoption more accessible for businesses like yours.

What is the Technology Adoption Fund?

We’ve created the Technology Adoption Fund specifically to allow organisations to continue investing in their people, even as the wider cost of doing business soars. We’re putting our money where our mouth is and contributing our own money to help organisations access and adopt the people management software they need. 

This fund can be used by organisations in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada, United States or Australia with fewer than 350 employees to support their investment in Advanced’s HR, Time and Attendance, and Auto-Rostering software solutions.

Your people experience is one of the key pillars of ongoing businesses success and organisations who put their people first will find themselves a more attractive prospect for new hires, not to mention being far more likely to retain the services of key employees- something absolutely crucial during periods of economic downturn.

How can you get involved?

Applications for the Technology Adoption Fund are open now and will be running until the 31st January 2023. Sign up today to discover how you can take your first steps towards transforming your people experience, even in the face of an ongoing cost of living crisis and recession.

At Advanced, we believe that the transformation of your people management solutions doesn’t have to take a back seat, just because times are tough. Your people experience is a crucial element of your long term success and you shouldn’t be forced to make difficult choices between digital transformation of those solutions and another business critical project.

If you think the Technology Adoption Fund is right for your business and you want to learn more about how Advanced can help you transform your people management experience, sign up today to avoid missing out.