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Streamline the management of human resources.

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Get a solution which deals with all your HR headaches, designed and built around you.

We support our customers in achieving the single most accurate record of their employees. HR Manager is the software agile enough to meet the requirements of your organization, boosting efficiency, cutting down on admin time and reducing human error allowing your employees to focus on what matters most to you.

We understand and solve your key HR issues

We create solutions which are designed specifically to solve our customers key challenges

  • Rigid and outdated technology

    Sluggish and outdated systems can lead to HR teams spending more time correcting errors than acting as influential driving forces within their businesses. Older solutions also rarely offer the flexibility and scalability to enhance the employee experience and lighten the burden of HR teams. More and businesses are now looking at their HR systems as tools to help them reach their true potential. What could you achieve if your technology wasn't a barrier?

  • No access to mobile and remote systems

    With the modern workforce having become increasingly widespread, you may find that you don't have the technology you need to support the changes in working patterns and structure.  What if your teams could define a working pattern that suits them and had access to the tools they needed to take charge of their own schedules?

  • HR staff are overwhelmed with admin

    With limited or no self-service capabilities within your existing solution, your HR teams spend the majority of their time fielding repetitive requests from employees around matters such as holiday allowances or absence requests. What if your HR system allowed your people access to the information they need, whilst also freeing your HR teams to achieve the full scope of their role, instead of just serving as task robots?

  • You have a large and diverse workforce

    Employee expectations are ever changing and priorities continue to vary across different departments. Your current solutions aren't robust enough to handle the complex demands of a large and diverse workforce. What if you didn't have to worry about traditional barriers such as gender pay gaps or disparities in diverse hiring holding you back?

  • Can't easily access and report on employee data

    Your current system doesn't offer insight into employee sentiment, flight risks or internal mobility. What if your HR team had access to a simple dashboard with everything they needed in order to drive forward conversations around employee engagement and wellbeing?

Key capabilities

Automate Process advanced_icon_ticks.svg

On-boarding to off-boardingadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Gain insight & generate reportsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Easily manage communicationsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Record training and qualificationsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Fully integrated with our T&A and Access Control solutionsadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Record disciplinary & grievancesadvanced_icon_ticks.svg

Absence Managementadvanced_icon_ticks.svg


Let your HR teams get back to doing what they do best

Find out more about the powerful features that sit within HR Manager

Let your HR teams get back to doing what they do best



Welcoming you onboard



Starting your journey

1 day

Starting your journey

We'll make sure your use of Cloud Financials is a success from day one as a customer. While we treat each customer individually, our standards and attention to detail remain the same. This is what your journey will look like once you've signed up...

Understanding your challenges

1 week

Understanding your challenges

Once you have signed up with us you will have an introduction call with your new Customer Success Manager who will explain who they are, how they can help, and they will get a better understanding of you and your business to they can help drive your onboarding program to be a success.

Planning your journey

2 months

Planning your journey

Alongside your Customer Success Manager, our Project Delivery team will build a plan of action for your journey to go-live with due dates and owners to ensure we are prepared to succeed.

On the road to go live


On the road to go live

Working through the action plan, we execute the plan with you and get you ready to where you need to be to adopt Cloud Financials.

Delivery up and running

Getting you up and running

We get you live on the product and make sure we are on hand for any help you might need.

Our implementation packages are designed to fit your individual needs as a customer.


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