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HR teams accelerate their move to the Cloud with Advanced
Blog //16-09-2020

HR teams accelerate their move to the Cloud with Advanced

by Alex Arundale, Chief People Officer, OneAdvanced

Advanced welcomes three new customers onto its Cloud HR platform.

As Advanced welcomes three new customers to its Cloud HR solution, it is clear demand is accelerating for Cloud technology as organisations realise the need to adapt to the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Don & Lowe, Anglo Beef Processing and Holovis International all chose to continue their existing partnerships with Advanced by adopting its new Cloud-based HR solution, Cloud HR. All three companies have shown continued confidence in Advanced as their chosen technology supplier. It also further displays the importance of the Cloud for businesses looking to find more efficient and flexible ways of working in the ‘new normal’.

Mark Dewell, Managing Director - Public, Private & Third Sector at Advanced said: “Our recent Digital Business Report highlighted that nearly two thirds of respondents believe that Cloud-based systems will help liberate their staff and transform working practices. I see this trend continuing for the foreseeable future, and the proactive move from Don & Lowe, Anglo Beef Processing and Holovis to adopt Cloud HR is a reflection of that."

Advanced’s Chief People Officer, Alex Arundale, commented: “Over the past six months HR teams have had to constantly adapt to an unprecedented situation. Using technology which supports remote and agile working will now become the number one priority for the vast majority of businesses who may not have had a smooth transition to working from home.”

Alex added: “The sheer complexity of the changes which have taken place this year, from working from home, to furlough requirements and slowly introducing employees back into offices, means that having systems in place which reduce the admin burden for HR teams is a ‘must have’. It has become clear that the world of work will continue to evolve and HR teams need to be able to swiftly respond to changing employee and environmental demands. Moving to Cloud-based software which supports this requirement has become critical to many businesses to ensure they are able to adapt and continue to thrive.”

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Alex Arundale

Alex Arundale


Chief People Officer, OneAdvanced

Alex joined OneAdvanced in February 2016 with a track record in senior HR positions. She has been responsible for innovative strategies to lead the company’s talent management.

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