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Time & Attendance

Workforce Management with Automated Rostering Software

Our workforce management software powers the world of work, providing a flexible solution that gives businesses a competitive edge and empowers employees.

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Key features:

  • Automated Time Tracking

  • Award Interpretation

  • Absence Management

  • People Planning & Costing

  • Analytics

  • Automated Rostering

  • Employee Self-Service

A rich, diverse customer base

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How Time & Attendance will benefit your business

Powerful Solution
Our adaptable solution helps customers gain a competitive edge through strategic workforce management to optimise people potential, increase cost efficiency, and gain key insights into organisational health.
Our technology is designed to empower managers and employees alike through streamlining workflows and enabling employee self-service.
Operations and HR leaders can feel assured that they are compliant with labour laws and other legislative demands, reducing the risk of fines and legal repercussion.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products.
Our experts understand your problems before we find a solution.
Tailored for our customers.

Timesheets were previously completed manually by employees, but can now be downloaded from the software and signed off... To be honest it has cut our working time by half!

Christine Thompson, Payroll Manager
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Features and benefits

Absence Management

Simplify absence tracking and easily record and manage staff leave. Our solution empowers you to proactively manage absence requests including holidays, sick days and other types of time off.

Benefits of this feature
  • Using a computer or mobile device, employees can take control of their absence requests, log sickness and check holiday entitlement
  • Employees also have full visibility of their shifts and can update/amend any exceptions
  • Accurate absence reasons provide you with correct data to analyse and predict workforce trends
  • With integration into OneAdvanced's payroll software, worked hours, overtime and rates of pay are securely held and managed effectively

People Planning & Costing

Our software simplifies people planning and scheduling through our easy-to-use shift planning tools, whilst managing your productivity and cost.

Benefits of this feature
  • Availability recording empowers employees to take control of their own shifts and overtime, by letting employers know their availability
  • With our job costing functionality you can compare planned tasks and budgets with those already achieved
  • You can also cost control over multiple contract and sites and measure the efficiency of departments and employees
  • Through real-time data and rigorous access control rules you can be assured that your premises are secure
  • Know who is present and if they are cleared to be there; unauthorised personnel cannot access your premises without our software picking it up

Automated Time-Tracking

Automated time tracking makes it simpler for employees, managers and HR teams to submit, track and manage attendance and worked hours.

Benefits of this feature
  • Employees can accurately record where they are working using fobs, swipe and RFID cards, fingerprint or facial recognition with biometric technology, with our clocking terminals
  • Reduce risk of physical admin and the risk of payroll errors with automated time capture
  • Geo-location tracking can be enabled to ensure accuracy of hours worked on each particular site
  • Allocating resource is simplified by having real-time information of where your people are
  • Accurate time recording will support you in adhering to and showing compliance with legislation


Streamline the reporting process by capturing data from across the organisation to deliver accurate, instant, and timely reports to the right people.

Benefits of this feature
  • All captured in intuitive visualisation, accessible via powerful yet simple dashboards
  • Use real-time data to make better decisions that help to transform your people's experience
  • Proactively analyse workforce trends to retain your talent and mitigate risk of a skills shortage
  • Automated reports make it easy to dive into actionable data that can be used to make instant decisions
  • Reduce risk of human error by using automatically generated reports


Our integrated automatic rostering module has been designed to ease the burden of complex staff rostering, ensuring you save both time and money.

Benefits of this feature
  • Templates can be created and quickly applied to represent various recurring shift patterns over one or multiple weeks
  • Apply your created templates to multiple shift patterns across different departments
  • By looking at your people and the skills they hold, you're able to effortlessly roster the right person to the right shift
  • Rostering the most suitable person to a shift not only improves productivity but the well-being of your workforce
  • Where enabled by managers, employees can quickly trade shifts with other qualified employees, in line with the schedule’s rules and constraints
T2 device

The T2

Our clocking hardware exclusive to Time & Attendance

Our products are designed to simplify and streamline the clocking process, and with facial recognition, clocking has never been easier. We understand accurate data is vital for businesses, so we help provide what matters most. Learn more about our T2: the simple, secure and modern clocking of the future.

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