Starting up as a one-man sub-contract welding operation in 2000, AJ Tensile Fabrications Ltd has grown to a successful multi-million pound business. The organisation has built up an impressive range of high profile clients, such as Wimbledon Court One, Vauxhall and Diesel. Through the use of our solutions, they have been able to bring all aspects of the business together, ensuring visibility over the organisation.



AJ Tensile Fabrications Ltd






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"We have complete control over our operations and financial performance"

Andrew Jerrum > AJ Tensile



A lack of control over cash flow, due to disjointed and inaccurate financial reporting and unreliable works order scheduling. The team had no visibility of sales pipelines and order demand, meaning planning was almost impossible. There was no insight into performance for the business overall or for individual jobs, leading to repeated errors and inefficient practices continued.



As a manufacturer of fabric structures, AJ Tensile need clear visibility into stock levels so we can managed levels efficiently. They need to be able to scale production, increasing revenue and reducing costs involved. Their goal is to bring all company insights together, giving a clearer view into company performance and reporting.



"Our cash flow has now become easier to manage and control, with backward and forward performance reporting." The ERP for manufacturing solution meant are stock levels are now easier to manage and despite year-on-year growth, the value of stock held has not increased. A complete solution was provided, coordinating all resources such as materials, people and machines in order meet customer demand in the most efficient way.

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