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Care Cloud

Care Business Management Software

A true, single, Software as a Service (SaaS) digital solution, providing the power to effectively manage care and support organisations, no matter the provider type or complexity.

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Key features:

  • Care Management

  • Intelligent Rostering

  • Mobile Care App

  • Quality and Compliance

  • Invoicing

  • Payroll

  • Applicant and People Management

  • Dashboards and Business Insight


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How Care Cloud will benefit your business

Remove manual complexities
Manage the intricacies and complexities with ease with simplified processes, ensured accuracy and time savings.
Total visibility
A single source of truth for your organisation, providing controlled insights to the right people - anytime, anywhere.
Growth and scale
Deliver multiple types of care in multiple locations, supporting your organisation both now and in the future.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products.
Our team has developed this sector-leading software from the ground up.
Our team is composed of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering top-quality results.

Features and benefits

Intelligent Rostering

Whether you are managing a care home, home care, supported living or any other type of care, the management of rostering, care bookings, rota planning and shift planning is made simple.  Care Cloud does the hard work for you, proactively and intelligently making sure everything runs smoothly.

Benefits of this feature
  • Co-ordination made simple with specialist planning, visibility of any activity in any location
  • Proactive intelligence so you know exactly where and when you have potential staffing shortfalls, putting you in control
  • Capacity planning and absence forecast gives a future heat-map view of challenges
  • Super-charged features, taking planning to the next level for both employees and care clients so you don't spend unnecessary administration time
  • Intelligent rostering and rota planning helps calculate pay based upon up-to-date regulatory requirements

Applicant and People Management

Combing proactive, smooth recruitment with tools that look after the core of your organisation - your people.  Care Cloud makes the process of recruitment easy and effective whilst providing those extra tools that allow employees to feel valued, in control, with a healthy work/life balance.

Benefits of this feature
  • Recruit proactively, providing insight to know where there are shortfalls, where to target recruitment efforts and rely less on agency usage
  • Instant views of the recruitment process, ensuring clear insight for a speedier onboarding process
  • Plan cost-effective induction, shadowing and training, getting more applicants ready to work quickly
  • A focus on the vital nature of employee welfare whilst providing the detail to show how you can make the most of your people's availability
  • Training and reviews - managing the process of planning, training and maintaining compliance simple

Care Management

All the person centred care you would expect, but with more. Whether they are your residents, service users, people you support or clients, Care Cloud provides clear insight to see exactly what you can offer and when. Assisting with welcoming clients and building strong relationships to maximise their experience, whilst staying in control of all elements of their care.

Benefits of this feature
  • Enabling smooth transitions from prospect or referral to welcoming them in to your care
  • Creation of any assessment form, mirroring any paper-based documents - a tailored approach
  • Completing tailored assessments through a mobile device
  • Accessing and capturing detail at the point of care
  • Immediate visuals for client information allowing for personalised responsive care

Operations Management

Full of functionality and information rich so that the management of your day to day operations are easy.  From business insights delivered in interactive graphical displays, tailored to your organisation and roles, to the recording of accidents, incidents and safeguarding.  Let Care Cloud make the oversight of your care operations simple.

Benefits of this feature
  • Real-time, personalised graphical home screens for quick oversight
  • Deep-dive from the graphical dashboards directly in to the relevant records
  • Easy recording of accidents, incidents and safeguarding, with body map images and follow up actions
  • Immediate notification of reportable events and when intervention is required to prevent further escalation
  • Trend analysis providing visibility at group, regional or site level to help inform service improvement plans

Mobile Working

Total mobility - available when and where the work happens for any care setting. Whether using the dedicated mobile app or full solution, Care Cloud's key features make mobile working just that little bit easier for the care sector.

Benefits of this feature
  • Securely accessing the right information at the right time - information at your fingertips
  • Dedicated point of care apps for all care settings, built with the user in mind
  • Icon driven for simplicity but fully recorded for compliance
  • Apps that create 80% of the notes, freeing that time to spend actively caring
  • A cloud-based solution that is fully optimised for mobile devices, providing full functionality


Managing the complexities of finance for the care sector.  Whether invoicing or payroll there are intricacies that finance teams manage constantly, often resorting to manual processing.  Care cloud manages these with ease, freeing up your time to focus on proactive moves and revenue opportunities.

Benefits of this feature
  • Flexible invoicing to facilitate the complex, such as split funding or shared care
  • Eliminating wasted payroll administration, so that gross pay is right first time, every time
  • Calculating gross payroll for multiple employee contracts, whether salaried, contracted or hourly
  • Visibility of aged debt, complemented by customisable workflows to notify credit controllers
  • Retrospective changes to invoices or payroll can be easily managed and applied in bulk

Business Intelligence

Clear insight to ensure your organisation has real-time business intelligence to support your objectives.  Many organisations can find themselves 'data rich' and yet 'information poor'. As a single source of truth and with the tools to provide the right information with clarity, Care Cloud supports your organisation's mission.

Benefits of this feature
  • Real-time, personalised graphical views allowing oversight quickly without needing to run reports
  • Ability to drill-down through graphical dashboards and interact directly with your records
  • Selection of pre-tailored dashboards for individual role types
  • Automating business processes with customisable workflows mirroring your organisation's processes
  • Advanced searches and dashboards provide fast, accurate results. Facilitating smooth regulatory-body inspections


Everything you want, on a platform you didn't know you needed.  A single solution that provides so much more than rotas and care planning.  Modern, cloud-based technology providing efficiency, security and functional benefits. Experience the capabilities that give you the power to manage your entire care organisation.

Benefits of this feature
  • Cloud-based technology makes sure you always have access to the functionality you need, anytime, anywhere
  • Evergreen technology - a protected solution from end of life with continual review of technical components
  • Software as a Service technology, with no requirements for customer installation or maintenance of software
  • Guaranteed to always be on the latest version of software, with no on-premise upgrades
  • Utilising the most renowned cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, ensuring reliability and the highest levels of security

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For all care provider types and complexities, Care Cloud puts all key elements in one place.  So you can see and do what you need to, when you need to - no matter what your role is or wherever you are working from.

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Have a question?

Speak to our Care Business Management consultants for personalised advice, demos and recommendations.


0330 311 6077



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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