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Keep documents and collateral organised, safe, and compliant while maximising productivity and collaboration

NetDocuments, Legal document management software in use)

Key features:

  • Build a customised document solution

  • Develop tailored workflows

  • Analytics tools

  • API enabled

  • Robust security and compliance control

  • Secure sharing, collaboration

  • Digital versioning, reviews and mark-ups

  • Large language model AI-powered solutions

A rich, diverse customer base

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How NetDocuments will benefit your law firm

NetDocuments makes storing, organising and protecting millions of documents, across multiple locations a much easier task.
Replace the risks of sending documents across unsecured channels with a solution that can be trusted to meet confidentiality obligations.
Services Delivery
Exceed client expectations by providing a proactive, more collaborative, way to share documents and information.

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NetDocuments met all of our needs in terms of saving and finding documents, and to know we can easily retrieve them at any time, from anywhere.

Co-Managing Partner, Head of Litigation, Merovitz Potechin LLP

Features and benefits

A powerful platform

A content platform that's the perfect solution for law firms

NetDocuments removes the barriers and transforms your documents into an efficiency engine for collaboration, productivity, growth and inspired work - all without limitations or restrictions. It's easy-to-use, scalable, and protected by end-to-end security and encryption.

Benefits of this feature
  • Choose the capabilities you need to build a customised solution
  • Integrate additional applications with NetDocuments, now or in the future
  • Remain safeguarded by robust security, governance, and compliance protection
  • Maximise efficiencies with large language model AI-powered solutions
  • Access our ISO-accredited support team whenever they're needed - 24/7/365

AI powered

ndMAX features AI-powered solutions designed to streamline the entire legal workflow

Thoughtfully embedded throughout the NetDocuments platform, ndMAX enables law firms and legal teams to apply innovative AI securely and responsibly to their own documents and data in order to extract business intelligence, and generate novel content.

Benefits of this feature
  • Ensure the performance, assurance and expertise you expect and require
  • ndMAX solutions are powered by Microsoft Cognitive Services security
  • Develop and derive workflow solutions from your organisation’s individual data, documents and intelligence
  • Your data is protected and secure within the NetDocuments platform

Document Workflow

A smarter approach powers simplified content management

The powerful components of NetDocuments’ process automation provide law firms with the ability to work smarter and faster, freeing legal practitioners to work on higher value tasks.

Benefits of this feature
  • Create matter and project WorkSpaces and CollabSpaces to ensure seamless collaboration with all required parties
  • Automate manual processes adding UI flows and robotic process automation to NetDocuments
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks with PatternBuilder by replicating and automating your unique templates and processes, so they’re done the right way every time
  • Smooth workflows with the access provided to 58 NetDocuments API calls
  • Incorporate two-way file syncing between NetDocuments content and a users’ local machine


Keep documents organised, safe, and compliant while maximising productivity

This market-leading Cloud document solution delivers all of the functional capability you need to keep documents and emails organised and easily accessible from any location. It also ensures your teams can share and collaborate wherever they choose to work, without any security risks.

Benefits of this feature
  • Increase productivity with flexible metadata, document versioning, and unrivalled searchability
  • Remain organised with ndMail using predictive filing that's powered by artificial intelligence
  • Allow Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to work behind the scenes 24/7 to automatically digitise content
  • Ensure every stored item becomes a fully integrated, searchable piece of your firm’s collective knowledge


Incorporated governance ensures on-going data confidentiality

PROTECT modules offer further controls and protections that go beyond NetDocuments’ native, award-winning security capabilities. It allows you to create, and apply, security policies across your organisation, guarding against unauthorised access with a robust security framework.

Benefits of this feature
  • Classify all content to create and enforce protection policies across your firm
  • Simplify security policy creation and management with Workspace Security Manager (WSM)
  • Build, and manage, ethical walls or limited access security environments
  • Retain control over the physical location of data by facilitating geo-aware content storage with FlexStore
  • Incorporate additional cryptography keys to secure both documents and the keys that protect them


Help your teams become more efficient and productive

PLAN modules allow you to focus on your people, and information and help you to accelerate services delivery. These convenient, easy-to-use tools co-ordinate teams and manage tasks with built-in checklists and workflows. The time saved by streamlining your document processes can make a significant difference.

Benefits of this feature
  • Offer a secure, convenient way to chat, share, and comment on files
  • Integrate NetDocuments directly with Chatlink for Microsoft Teams for real-time messaging
  • Easily review, and annotate documents without having to download them
  • Provide your firm with the tools to build, and manage, customised workflow within workspaces


Create secure, sharable and easily accessible external workspaces

DELIVER provides everything you need to safely organise, package, and share content with clients, suppliers, outside counsel, and other internal and external groups.

Benefits of this feature
  • Create and maintain a single source of truth for cases and projects
  • Share collateral with external users, without transfers to a third-party sharing service or extranet
  • Invite an unlimited number of external parties to participate, without any licensing restrictions
  • Replace the tedious, time-consuming tasks of labelling and compiling physical documents using SetBuilder
  • Securely and responsibly create custom generative AI automations tailored to the needs of your specific practice and workflow with PatternBuilder MAX


Understand the value of your NetDocuments investment

LEARN provides faster, easier and safer access to the information your teams depend on. You can also gain a deeper, more actionable understanding of your documents and how people use them.

Benefits of this feature
  • Replace the slow, frustrating process of searching for documents across multiple applications
  • Ensure searches only return information to the people who are specifically authorised to see it
  • Use Analytics to access data analysis and visualisation tools that track user activity
  • Quickly identify who is using the system and monitor participation behaviours
  • Incorporating performance reviews helps you address problem areas and maximises your ROI

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  • Is NetDocuments difficult for users to adopt?

    No, it’s not. Most systems require users to switch between the applications they use to manage their day-to-day work. That results in loss of concentration, frustration at being unable to find what they need, and lower levels of efficiency.

    Users like NetDocuments because it’s a very intuitive, easily accessible solution that seamlessly integrates with the key systems they’re already using. Powerful quick searches also make their experience much smoother. On average, users find they save at least 30 minutes per day, and this results in higher-than-average user adoption rates of up to 96%.

  • Can we incorporate all relevant documents and emails into a single matter or client file?

    You can do this easily. NetDocuments offers a true matter centric experience by allowing you to store ALL matter related content (documents, emails, images) within a single matter file. What’s more, that content is always available anywhere, on any device, without users having to connect to your firm’s network. This ensures VPN or Remote Desktop services no longer become a bottleneck that could potentially impact the user’s ability to work.

  • How does NetDocuments allow secure collaboration with colleagues, clients or authorised third parties?

    NetDocuments allows users to setup secure collaboration portals directly from their matters without your firm having to purchase additional file sharing tools. This functionality removes the need to export content out of NetDocuments and then upload them into another system - so users can progress matters more quickly. All documents used during collaboration remain within the NetDocuments platform and inherit the same levels of security as all other content.

  • How do we know our collateral will remain secure and compliant?

    NetDocuments undergoes annual Type 2 SOC 2 audits for security and availability and annual ISO 27001 certification audits which include the additional controls from ISO 27017, 27018, and 27701.

    The ISO 27001 certification also includes all of the data centres used by NetDocuments. In addition to these annual audits, NetDocuments actively reviews applicable industry security requirements as well as national security regulations to determine appropriate compliance efforts. Examples include individual security requirements from various states within the US, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU and UK, and security requirements put forth by the Australian Signals Directorate.

    NetDocuments regularly modifies and expands its security controls to maintain the highest levels of security for customer data around the world by complying with all appropriate standards and regulations.

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0330 191 3730



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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