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Clinical Decision Support


Clinical Decision Support, previously known as Odyssey, is solution that enables fast, accurate and safe assessment and advice for patients in multiple settings such as ambulance services, out-of-hours services, GP practices and urgent treatment centres.

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Key features:

  • Age and sex differentiation

  • Patient self-assessment

  • Efficient training process

  • Patient-centred care

  • Intuitive triage

  • Continuous clinical content updates

  • NICE accredited content

  • Signposting

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How Clinical Decision Support will benefit your business

Patient-centred care
Patient self-triage can save time and resources. Through a website, patients can get appropriate levels of care through linkage to the appointments system or follow up consultations.
Evidence based
All recommendations provided by Clinical Decision Support are evidence-based and trustworthy.
Continuous clinical content updates
Our Clinical Decision Support solution is always evolving based on new evidence and user feedback, meaning your users have access to the latest, most relevant information.

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Features and benefits

Patient-centred care

Patient experience is at the heart of our approach, and our Clinical Decision Support solution ensures that patients receive right-first-time advice with appropriate signposting to the best service.

Benefits of this feature
  • Questions are optimised to help triage issues across all ages and genders
  • Our lay clinical content allows patients to drive their own triage via a website
  • Integrates with other IT systems to ensure the patient receives the best outcome
  • A user-friendly questioning style fits with the natural pattern of a conversation

Intuitive triage

Clinical Decision Support solution provides clinical and non-clinical staff with an intuitive decision support solution. Its question sets cover the full range of patient presentations, from pregnancy to end of life care. This ensures patients get the best possible assessment and advice.

Benefits of this feature
  • Features over 450 tailored questions and can assess multiple symptoms simultaneously identifying key 'flags' in symptoms
  • Enables detailed assessment considering all physical symptoms, including mental health and social care requirements
  • Provides early intervention by identifying life-threatening symptoms so the patient can be treated without delay
  • Intuitive style and simple screen layout, makes learning how to use it an enjoyable and straightforward experience. We provide e-learning and face to face training to support users

Clinical accuracy

Clinical Decision Support contains NICE-accredited clinical question sets to support care for a wide range of conditions.  This includes specialisms such as mental health, child health and elderly care. Clinical Decision Support is continuously reviewed to minimise clinical risk and optimise efficiency.

Benefits of this feature
  • NICE accredited
  • Continuous clinical content updates
  • Tailored clinical content for different regions

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  • What is Clinical Decision Support?

    Clinical Decision Support, Odyssey, is an innovative and flexible clinical decision support solution, which enables non-clinicians and clinicians alike to assess the urgency of a patient’s symptoms and direct them to the most appropriate care. Clinical Decision Support can be used on a mobile phone, tablet or web site by patients to perform their own self-assessment, and by clinicians and non-clinical staff on PCs and laptops to help prioritise and direct care. It has been in successful and safe use around the world for more than 20 years, and the content is NICE-accredited.

  • What is an example of clinical decision support?

    Clinical Decision Support encompasses everything from simple guidance documentation through to software which steps the user through a series of questions. Our solution provides a computerised assessment process using a series of questions which relate to the patient’s symptoms, drawing from a bank of age and sex specific question and answer sets linked to both physical and mental health. The system automatically calculates the urgency and potential care settings as more questions are answered.

  • How does my organisation ensure safe and effective triage for patients?

    We can help you plan and implement effective triage tailored to your requirements, from patient self-assessment to full clinical decision support for clinicians. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in a variety of primary and urgent care settings, our consultants and clinicians can help ensure your patient triage functions are efficient, effective and safe, using the Clinical Decision Support solution. And by using our Clinical Decision Support solution you’ll be able to accurately measure your triage performance across the entire organisation, helping maintain quality and supporting staff training and development.

  • What are the benefits of Clinical Decision Support software?

    With ever-increasing pressure on health services to deliver more capacity, often without any commensurate increase in funding, Clinical Decision Support can help ensure patients are safely routed to the most appropriate care setting quickly and effectively. In some cases that will be away from the organisation providing the triage, freeing critical time and capacity for those patients who do need to be seen. If that triage is performed by the patient themselves, using a smart phone or a web site, then the additional cost to the organisation is almost zero, again freeing precious time and resource.

  • Why is Clinical Decision Support important?

    Clinical Decision Support helps to avoid human error, not every member of staff speaking with the patient will be able to diagnose them from listening to their symptoms. Without Clinical Decision Support a patient could be misdiagnosed and sent to the wrong course of care, wasting time for patients and clinical staff. In more severe cases, when a staff member doesn’t have all the information they need, a life threatening problem could be overlooked, but by putting the required information into the Clinical Decision Support assessment a high risk patient will be flagged immediately.

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0330 191 3730



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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