Clinical Patient Management

In the world of urgent and emergency care, decisions need to be made quickly and safely. Our Adastra solution provides staff working in emergency care settings with the tools to provide patients with the correct course of treatment, whether that is a referral to their GP or dispatching an ambulance to take them to hospital. It ensures clinical handover is seamless and all records are updated.

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Understanding key issues


Correct patient referral

When a patient rings 111 or presents at an urgent care facility, it can be hard to advise the most appropriate care pathway without full access to the patient’s medical history.

Unpredictable level of calls 

Patients seeking care are hard to predict making preparation difficult. This increases the pressure on staff and the risk to the patients.    

No access to GP records

Patients attending emergency care services are often in pain and distressed. They may be unable to provide a full and accurate description of their medical history.    

Meeting changing standards 

The standards for the urgent and emergency care services are becoming stricter to ensure patients receive the highest standard of care.

How Adastra can help you


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Adastra software?

    Adastra is a highly flexible patient management solution designed to support the specific and unique requirements of urgent and unscheduled care. It can be easily configured to manage both face-to-face and telephone-based activity, and interoperates with a wide variety of other systems to enable more informed decision-making and clinical continuity.

  • How has clinical patient management adapted to Covid-19?

    The Adastra Clinical Team has created two new case question sets, which can be used to pre-assess and advise patients for Covid19. We have extended Adastra to help NHS patients through the current crisis by providing a sophisticated overspill / queuing system for those calling NHS 111. We have also introduced a video consult solution to Adastra to reduce face-to-face contact.

  • What are the benefits for an Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC)?

    Since most 111 providers use Adastra, it offers a cost-effective fully integrated solution for UTCs too, enabling appointments to be seamlessly booked and managed, and providing full access to patients’ details. Adastra’s flexible configurability enables UTCs to quickly and efficiently manage all aspects of patient care.

  • How will Adastra make processes simpler?

    Adastra’s flexibility enables it to be configured to match real-world requirements, presenting only the information and functionality each user needs to perform their role, making it simple and easy to use.

  • Can Adastra be integrated with other service organisations?

    Yes. Adastra has an unparalleled track record of integration and interoperability with other solutions, including national systems and local care records.

  • How does Adastra ensure maximum productivity and efficiency?

    The system is configured to each customer’s preferences, ensuring buttons, menus, queues and screens, reports and other aspects all provide the functionality and information each user requires to perform their role. This saves time searching through menu items, scrolling through pages of data and figuring out which button to press, freeing staff to concentrate on delivering patient care.

  • What can Advanced offer an Urgent Care organisation?

    Adastra has been at the forefront of supporting urgent care for over 20 years, backed by a team of highly experienced consultants and support staff. Our expertise, gained through helping a wide variety of urgent and unscheduled care settings over many years, is shared with each new customer and implementation, providing unrivalled know-how and best practice advice and guidance.

“Adastra is very flexible with a lot of configuration able to be done in-house giving us flexibility when trialing or piloting new functionality or changes."

Emma Raymond, IT Specialist

"Adastra enables information stored in the data base to be easily shared saving the patient time and energy as they no longer have to repeat their symptoms and medications."

Debi Slack, Manager

"Advanced has an excellent reputation across the sector and having multiple products from the same supplier means that our IT systems are more integrated, saving us considerable time and money."

Marc Jordan, Assistant Principal

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  • College of North West London


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News & Opinions

PRESS // 23-02-2021

NHS Scotland uses Clinical Patient Management Software

by Ric Thompson, Managing Director - Health & Care

NHS Scotland uses Clinical Patient Management Software