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Performance & Talent

Continuous Performance Management Software

Performance & Talent is powering the world of work by helping people fulfil their potential so organisations can achieve what matters most.

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Key features:

  • Employee Engagement

  • Regular Conversations

  • Agile Goal Tracking

  • 360 Feedback

  • Talent Snapshots

  • Analytics

  • In-the-moment Feedback (Powered by AI)

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How Performance & Talent will benefit your business

Performance Enablement
Empower employees to fulfil their potential by driving the right performance practices to fuel their performance and your organisations results
Performance Measurement
Equitably measure your people's performance to make data-driven decisions that optimise your organisational planning
Employee Engagement
Boost well-being, improve company loyalty, and increase employee satisfaction by listening to and understanding your people

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It was love at first sight when we saw OneAdvanced’s Performance & Talent software. Immediately, I felt comfortable with the user-friendly look and feel of it! It was also very cost effective, which was an important factor for us as well.

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Features and benefits

Employee Data Management

Fostering purposeful conversations between people and their managers is at the heart of our software. You can ensure employees feel supported to reach their goals, whilst looking after their well-being. Enabling conversations will drive meaningful relationships, and will embed your organisational culture and values in the workplace.

Benefits of this feature
  • Whereas annual appraisals can be tick-box, admin-heavy exercise, conversations stimulate adult-adult conversations
  • Managers can uncover blockers within their teams as they come up and intervene much sooner
  • Discussion prompts, which are categorised by the type of conversation, ensure that time spent with employees in valuable
  • HR leaders have visibility of conversations and can ensure meaningful and frequent contact between employees and managers
  • Employees can raise blockers and ask for advice on challenges they may be facing
  • Employees control their development and can set conversations with their managers, both professional and wellbeing related

Continuous Feedback

By driving implementation of an in-the-moment feedback model our software ensures that feedback enables your employees to continuously learn and develop, whilst focusing on their professional and personal goals.

Benefits of this feature
  • Employees feel motivated as they are recognised for their work in real time
  • Employees don't have to wait until an arbitrary date to give or receive feedback - and can act on it right away
  • Employees can request feedback from anyone (internally and externally) giving them a well-rounded view of their performance
  • Managers can see all feedback received by and given to their team in one place - informing conversations with their employees
  • Engaged employees reduce attrition and, with feedback liked to organisational values, can help increase connectivity with the brand

Agile Goals

We empower organisations to set agile goals which foster collaboration, promote continuous improvement, and propel teams towards achieving better results in a rapidly changing environment.

Benefits of this feature
  • Employees understand what is expected of them as each objective has key deliverables attached
  • Employees can see how achieving their individual goals will contribute to wider organisational success
  • Personal development objectives can also be set to help employees see a future with their organisation
  • Managers can set either individual or team objectives to boost productivity
  • Short-term goals help managers ensure their team are focusing on the right priorities

Performance Measurement

Talent Snapshots provide a simple, yet effective way to check in around employees' performance, potential, or other related matters. Organisations often wish to gather this kind of data to help inform decisions around rewards, promotions and talent/succession planning.

Benefits of this feature
  • Easily create and send custom surveys to targeted groups of employees
  • Gather valuable data to assist in strategic decision making
  • Identify company-wide trends and areas for improvements

AI Assisted Feedback *NEW*

Giving feedback to colleagues can sometimes be daunting: whether that be choosing the right words or tone of voice, to knowing whether the feedback is truly constructive and helpful. Our newest feature helps employees that may struggle to articulate what they want to say, whilst still capturing their thoughts and sentiments - written by your colleagues, assisted by AI.

Benefits of this feature
  • Employees draft the feedback they wish to send, and use the 'Draft with AI' tool to get suggestions on structure, offer insights, and promote constructive communication
  • Employees can also customise and edit the drafted feedback to add specificity, personalisation and tone-of-voice
  • Giving feedback is more accessible with the support of AI, in accommodating your DE&I strategy- giving help to those who may need it

360 Feedback

Unlike traditional 360-degree Feedback, our solution empowers employees to take control of their own development. Through Feedback Circles, employees no longer need a facilitator to gain a well-rounded insight into their performance from key stakeholders.

Benefits of this feature
  • Request feedback based on a number of experiences over time rather than just in the moment feedback
  • Employees know who their feedback is from, which ensures the feedback is useful and removes the distraction of anonymity
  • Managers can encourage their team to run feedback circles to understand more about their soft skills
  • Minimal HR admin - by creating templates for your employees HR teams can make sure feedback circle is relevant
  • Feedback Circles removes anonymity - increased accountability ensures criticisms remain constructive rather than negative


For employees to feel connected to their organisation and employer, it is imperative that they feel listened to and understood. Therefore we've created a safe space to facilitate employees voicing their opinions and feelings. HR leaders can proactively ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of employee well-being and their feelings towards work.

Benefits of this feature
  • Our pulse survey, 'My Mindspace', enables employees to regularly share their feelings confidentially and allows HR to stay in touch with their people in real-time
  • The pulse survey also gives employees instant feedback on their responses with timely tips to help them become motivated at work
  • HR can proactively create custom surveys to uncover people-trends and identify areas for improvement
  • HR teams can gain insights on trends of specific departments and demographics, or the wider organisation, and their feelings about their work
  • The always-on 'Suggestion Box' further encourages employees to voice their opinions, suggestions and concerns- giving HR teams valuable insights into the employee experience


In order to effectively implement a mindset change and high-performance behaviours, it is critical that HR teams can measure adoption of new methodologies. Traditionally difficult to quantify, our analytics functionality means you'll receive data-driven insights into key values that can help employees and managers unlock the power of performance.

Benefits of this feature
  • Visualise data within the in-app dashboards to analyse trends overtime
  • Pull Performance & Talent user data into other businesses tools like Tableau and Power BI
  • Refresh dashboards to see live data at the click of a button for more streamlined reporting
  • Compare performance across managers by assessing manager/team adoption within our leader boards


Beyond software, our team will support your organisational transformation. Our approach is based on proven methodologies that foster the adoption of the performance. We support your employees to own and co-pilot change, by focusing on their behaviours and habits, instead of mere process automation.

Benefits of this feature
  • With our Transformation Assessment, we asses your current performance process and explain how your current compares with best practice
  • We provide guidance, advice and templates to help you keep moving along your performance journey
  • We consistently share and deliver thought leadership - sharing the latest thinking on all things performance, analytics, and reward
  • To help adoption across the entire organisation, our Product Hub contains various help documentation that can be accesses at anytime.

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  • Realtime Feedback
  • Goals & OKRs
  • Conversations
  • Pulse Surveys
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  • Analytics
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  • AI Assisted Feedback
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