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Software that powers operational excellence with OneAdvanced – your trusted partner in navigating manufacturing challenges and amplifying productivity.

We offer tailored solutions to the manufacturing sector. From managing the procurement and supply of raw materials source to contract, financial software to automated rostering, performance and talent tracking and governance & risk.

Software designed to power scalability and growth, ensuring your operations thrive without limitations.

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64% of manufacturers see technology
as vital for profitability.

Yet less than half believe their organisations are prioritising investment in future technology platforms.
OneAdvanced Annual Trends Survey (2022/23)

Industry challenges

Industry challenge

Our solutions

Keeping up with growing demand

Document Processing enables automation of your invoicing data, allowing your business to keep up with demand without increasing strain on existing processes.

Increased raw material and energy cost

Supplier and Contract Management lets you head to the negotiating table with all the information you need in one place; no lost documents, missed elections or renewals.

Sustainability and ESG responsibilities

GRC allows you to intergrate your ESG policies into risk management strategies, helping you maintain ESG commitments and regulatory compliance.

Staff retention

Performance and Talent enables continuous feedback and goal setting for more engaging, actionable insights than traditional annual reviews.

Cost of living

Payroll helps you meet your organisation's RTI, automatic enrolment and data security requirements.

Skill gaps

Auto-Rostering ensures that every shift has the right people in the right place, at the right time.

Our Manufacturing solutions

People Management

Software for
  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Performance & Talent
  • Time & Attendance with Auto-Rostering
People Management

Spend Management

Software for
  • Sourcing Management
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Document Processing
  • Purchasing
Spend Management


Transforming the productivity of finance teams
  • Automate accounts payable processes
  • Streamline accountancy workflows
  • Real time view of payable liabilities
  • & much more

A rich, diverse customer base

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The OneAdvanced package has provided the opportunity to integrate all of our personnel and payroll needs into one solution

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Have a question?

Speak to our Manufacturing consultants for personalised advice and recommendations.


0330 191 3730


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