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Financial Management Software

Ease financial strain by consolidating platforms, reducing manual tasks and providing real-time business insight. Empower your financial team to concentrate on strategy and performance.

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Key features:

  • Real-time reporting and dashboards

  • Robust in-depth financial analysis

  • Budgeting, forecasting and planning

  • Seamless integrations

  • Accessible User Interface

  • Built by accountants, for accountants

  • Customisable dashlets

  • Fully integrated suite of financial management modules


A rich, diverse customer base

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Why choose Financials

Real-time insight
Get up-to-date financial data and reporting whenever you need it.
Empower your teams
Deliver live reports and dashboards to senior stakeholders without full access.
Scalable, configurable and flexible
Equip your teams with the features they need as your organisation requires.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

Our experts understand your problems before we find a solution.
Our team is composed of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering top-quality results.
Great value, uncompromised quality – that’s our promise to you.

Using Financials our processes have become much quicker and easier to complete from a finance perspective. We have been able to build the system around our own working practices which really helped us enhance financial control in the business.

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Features and benefits

Reporting and dashboards

Financials has been built to ensure efficient and robust reporting is its heart. The solution ensures teams are able to automate real-time reporting and drill down into key financial information with ease, driving strategic initiates for the whole organisation and eliminating time spent on manual work.

Benefits of this feature
  • Dashboards enable senior executives to self-serve information without needing to access Financials
  • Dashlets display a real-time view of your most important information and tasks, complete tasks without leaving the dashboard
  • Bring your own Business Intelligence - export data into your chosen platform

Financial management

Financials is a Cloud-based Financial Management solution which provides rich, robust financial management functionality in a simplified and streamlined platform. Financials enables finance teams to accurately manage all elements of accounting from a flexible general ledger, accounts payable, credit management, bank reconciliation and more.

Benefits of this feature
  • Fully integrated suite of financial management modules
  • Flexible general ledger with a diverse chart of accounts
  • Complete invoice management and payment facilities
  • Automated bank reconciliation

Asset and inventory management

Financials includes modules for inventory and fixed asset management. The inventory module manages stock items held in one or more physical stores and all of the required store movements, ensuring that accurate stock values are maintained within the balance sheet within the General Ledger. The Fixed Assets module provides control over the capital investment from a financial management perspective, with integration to the general and sub ledgers.  

Benefits of this feature
  • A single version of the truth for stock and inventory
  • Clear picture of all assets across the business and their associated values
  • Accelerate accuracy across the asset lifecycle
  • Many forms of in life asset maintenance supported

Project management

Project Tracking gives project managers control and visibility of the income and costs of their project, or portfolio of projects, at every stage of the project life cycle. It provides visibility and accountability with total control over planned commitments, costs and revenue in any currency.

Benefits of this feature
  • Track projects the way you want to with user definable project key
  • Information sharing across financial management modules to decrease data re-entry
  • Quick and efficient asset creation facilities with automated reversal of appropriate work in progress

Purchasing management

Eliminate errors and streamline purchase processes with our advanced purchasing management features and functionality. Get a summarised and clear view of the entire process and track performance against budget.

Benefits of this feature
  • Get a clear view of the entire purchasing management process
  • Easily ensure cash flow is continuous by matching goods receipts to purchase orders

Supplier and customer portals

Enhance the relationship with your suppliers and customers by providing an intuitive ‘self-service’ solution. Registered suppliers can answer many of their own queries directly through the portal and perform several useful supplier management functions, such as reviewing contracts, catalogues, purchase orders and invoices, with further options to message with queries and updates. For your customers, they can review their account balances online with the ability the settle invoices directly via online card payment. Both registered customers and guests, are able to purchase items directly via the portal.

Benefits of this feature
  • A user-friendly, self service portal for suppliers to improve the working relationship
  • Increase productivity for teams not required to chase for updates or A useful purchase order “flip” function is also available, allowing a supplier to initiate production of an XML purchase invoice, reducing/eliminating matching errors and re-keying.


Financials offers seamless integration with a wide range of other products, enhancing its functionality and user experience. Its open architecture allows it to integrate with various ERP systems, CRM tools, and other business software; enhancing workflow automation and reducing manual processes and increasing efficiency and productivity.

Benefits of this feature
  • Integrates with various ERP, CRM, Supplier Management, Document Management and other business systems
  • Streamlines financial management, increases productivity and supports better decision making with real-time and accurate data
  • Supports both flat file and API integrations
  • Also integrates with partner products for expenses management

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Financial Management Resources


  • How does financial management software benefit my business?

    Our financial management software was designed by finance people, for finance people, ensuring it is built to solve the most pressing issues within the sector. It has evolved over 30 years and remains on the cutting edge of both technology and finance. Accounting experts lead our product development, ensuring it is always up to date with legislative and market changes. With transformative functionality, our financial management software enhances your efficiency and provides a clear view of cash flow and overall performance.

  • Why should I choose OneAdvanced's Financial Management software?

    Financials equips your teams with the features they need to support your organisation as it grows, eliminating the costly requirement of upgrading systems. With strong integration capabilities and extensive sector and financial management experience, OneAdvanced is a valued partner. In addition, the combination of a first-rate financial management propels productivity, time efficiency and usability. Proving instant access to financial data to drive business strategy and decision making, combining tasks and jobs all in one dashboard to drive efficiency and insight.

  • What are the advantages of using Cloud-based financial management software?

    Cloud technology enables remote access, ensuring you can access financial data from any place at any time. This has been a crucial characteristic for businesses since the pandemic, with more people working from home. Cloud-based financial management software also makes sensitive data more secure, as it’s stored on offsite servers. And there’s reduced risk of data loss or misplacement (which can occur with physical documents). Cloud systems are often offered via a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model, which reduces hefty upfront costs and eliminates nasty financial surprises (as upgrades and support are included).

  • What are the benefits of integrating document management software and financial management software?

    The processing of supplier invoices can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, delays can result in reduced supplier discounts and late payment penalties. Our software automates and streamlines the supplier invoicing process, ensuring financial documents are stored in a secure, centralised, and accessible repository.

  • How secure is my data when using Cloud-based financial management software?

    OneAdvanced's Financials software is based on Amazon Web Services, which is one of the most trusted Cloud platforms globally. Full disaster recovery is provided, with 24/7 system availability and 99% software uptime.

  • Why do I need a SaaS-based financial management solution?

    Moving to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model means you pay a single monthly fee for your product, support, account management, and services. All upgrades and enhancements are applied to the product in real time (and are included with your monthly subscription). As a result, you won’t be hit with any scary upgrade costs.

  • When is the best time to switch to Cloud-based financial management software?

    As soon as possible, in order to keep up with competitors. Recent years have shown Cloud technology is now a necessity rather than a luxury for businesses that want to remain agile and adaptable. Cloud adoption provides a strong return on investment and cost-effectiveness in the long run, and reduces the maintenance costs associated with on-premise solutions.

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Have a question?

Speak to our Financials consultants for personalised advice and recommendations.


0330 191 3730



Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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