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Virtual Smartcard

NHS authentication and Identity management

Virtual Smartcard is a cloud-based identity & access management solution, providing secure and reliable access for clinicians and staff, on any device, any platform and at any time.

Virtual smartcard staff identity management software portal)

Key features:

  • Compatible with RPA

  • Remote working

  • KPI & analytics packages

  • EPS assured

  • Reduced risk of lost smartcards

  • Self service enrolment & password reset


A rich, diverse customer base

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How Virtual Smartcard will benefit your business

Ease of use
Choose Virtual Smartcard for easier authentication and identity management for healthcare providers.
Virtualise your physical smartcard
A virtual smartcard is a replacement to the NHS physical smartcard, providing exactly the same access and uses the same NHS identity as a physical card.
Used by over 120 NHS organisations as their cloud-based Identity and access management solution, which can be used for reliable access and authentication on any device, any platform, anywhere.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

Our team has developed this sector-leading software from the ground up.
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The Virtual Smartcard is the best in class. As soon as we made the move to Virtual Smartcard, adoption was really quick because it is self-service, and users quickly started to see the benefits straight away, being met with universal acclaim within our Trust.

Kam Sidhu, Chief Information Officer, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust Foundation
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Features and benefits

Virtual RA

In the same way an RA can issue physical cards with the NHS card management system (CMS). RAs can utilise our virtual RA manager portal to issue Advanced Virtual Smartcards remotely.

Benefits of this feature
  • Time saving
  • Improved card management

Any device, any platform, anywhere

Virtual Smartcards, allow you to authenticate to the NHS spine and access clinical apps on any device, from any platform, anywhere. It’s fast, simple and secure.

Benefits of this feature
  • Absolute control over who has one and how it is used at any given time

Self service

A Virtual Smartcard user can enrol and manage their virtual smartcard via a self-service portal.

Benefits of this feature
  • Fast to issue
  • Passwords resets can be done via the self-service portal
  • Completing tailored assessments through a mobile device
  • Saves valuable clinical time.


Every use of a virtual smartcard is audited giving the trust an unequivocal view of when and who authenticated, which apps were used and for how long.

Benefits of this feature
  • Information is collected passively and securely collated for full audits

NHSE assured

Virtual Smartcard is fully assured by NHS England for authentication and EPS usage with all EPR systems.

Benefits of this feature
  • Reduced risk of lost, stolen, forgotten or borrowed smartcards

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  • Are Virtual Smartcards accredited by NHS England?

    Yes. Our solution is fully accredited by NHS England for Authentication and EPS usage.

  • Do all users require a mobile phone?

    All users wishing to use EPS with a Virtual Smartcard will require a mobile phone with the Advanced Isosec Authenticator installed. This acts as a second factor for the authentication of a Virtual Smartcard

  • How long are Virtual Smartcards valid for?

    Like a physical smartcard, Virtual Smartcard certificates are valid for 2 years.

  • What applications are Virtual Smartcards compatible with?

    Virtual Smartcards are compatible with all browser based clinical systems (ESR, ERS, etc.), and all ePR Systems (SystmOne, Adastra (Clinical Patient Management), CLEO, EMIS, etc.). The iO Identity Agent will need to be installed using the "Advanced" configuration for ePR clinical applications.

  • How are Virtual Smartcards renewed?

    A user must contact a Registration Authority to reissue their Virtual Smartcard - OneAdvanced are looking to developing this functionality in the near future.

    Virtual Smartcard Renewal Process

  • What happens if a user changes or loses their device?

    The user must re-register their new mobile phone via the Self-Service Portal (the old device must be available) or contact a Registration Authority to assist with the device enrolment. When the new device is re-registered, a new Virtual Smartcard can be issued.

    If the old device is lost, the Registration Authority will need to delete the old device and the user can then begin their-registration process via the Self-Service Portal.

  • Can more than one RA be set up?

    Yes, OneAdvanced will help set up and train Registration Authorities during your initial implementation. Training should be attended by as many RAs as possible and OneAdvanced will walk through the first installation, guides will be provided separately.

  • Can a user have both a physical and Virtual Smartcard?

    Yes, users are permitted to have both a physical and a Virtual Smartcard. The iO Identity Agent is compatible with both physical and Virtual Smartcards.

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Ask us your questions and get tailored content to help you.

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