Advanced World 2021

We have created an agenda packed full of product updates, industry discussions and real-life customer stories.

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Event Sessions

Join us at Advanced World 2021 where our own specialists alongside independent industry experts discuss the latest issues facing UK businesses today. And no need to count your pennies, as its all FREE!

By attending a session, you will also get access to 1:1 networking with your peers, demos of the latest software and a chance to meet the Advanced team.


'Empowering you to build your winning workforce'

 At the keynote, we’ll dig into how this strategic partnership helps organisations attract winning talent faster, raise the bar on engagement, and unlock hidden talent within your organisation.

3/3/2021 | 4:00PM | 1hour

'Delivering the best end user experience and journey'

Much of the coping with the changes brought about by the global pandemic has fallen on the IT use of end users.

3/3/2021 | 10:30AM | 1hour

'Diversity & inclusion'

As a business we’ve long invested in early talent and ‘hiring for potential’ and these early iterations of inclusive practices enabled us to grow a team of genuinely diverse colleagues from a range of different backgrounds, education, experience, age, race, gender and religion.

4/3/2021 | 10:30AM | 1hour

'How tech is shaping the future of employee engagement in 2021'

Employee engagement surveys used to be more of an annual headache than an effective way to measure employee well-being. 

3/3/2021 | 1:30PM | 1hour

'Help! My data's been breached'

 Join our Cyber Security experts as we take you through best practice for handling your data and share an overview of the services and technologies we use to be the first to find and fix breaches.

3/3/2021 | 1:30PM | 1hour

'Why annual appraisals wont cut it anymore'

How has Clear Review helped 300+ customers ditch annual appraisals? There must be a better way of managing performance, and there is - continuous performance management.

3/3/2021 | 13:30PM | 1hour

'How Covid changed the role of the finance director forever'

Join Tim Adler, Editor at in this session discussing the impact of the last 12 months on finance teams and what the future may look like.

4/3/2021 | 1:30PM | 1hour

'UK payroll legislation update'

Join independent payroll expert, Kate Upcraft, for a topical update on legislative and operational issues for HR and payroll professionals ahead of the new tax year.

4/3/2021 | 10:30AM | 1hour

'Top things from Brexit your business needs to consider'

Join Neil Ross, Head of Policy at techUK, as he looks at Brexit three months on, the impact for British businesses and the key things you need to be aware of.

3/3/2021 | 3:00PM | 1hour

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Keynote Sessions

Advanced World connects over 3,000 professionals to innovative technology and each other. Join us for a jam-packed event full of keynote hot topics.

Keynotes: Software Powered Possibility

Keynotes: Software Powered Possibility

Join us as we kick start Advanced World 2021, with our keynote speakers: Gordon Wilson, CEO at Advanced, Amanda Grant, Chief Product Officer at Advanced, Chuka Umunna, Head of ESG at Edelman, Matthew Syed, Author and High Performance Expert

Start your day right - invigorating yoga with Jill Watson

Start your day right - invigorating yoga with Jill Watson

Start your day right with Jill Watson. This yoga class has been specifically designed to energise and inspire you ready for day 2 of Advanced World. Jill will begin with a short guided meditation so that you can take a moment of stillness and visualise your day ahead. Then, a few rounds of breathwork to centre, aline and clear the mind.

Software Powered Possibility: Welcome to MyWorkplace

Software Powered Possibility: Welcome to MyWorkplace

MyWorkplace is a core component of our overarching product strategy, designed to make work easier for all Advanced customers and bring you the functionality you need in simple Applets on your own personalised Desk. Amanda will share with you our work to date and our plans for the platform over the coming 12 months.