Digital Functional Skills:

The newest course
from bksb

Our new course in bksb supports Digital Functional Skills with engaging resources and intelligent assessment.

Our newest digital offering

bksb now offers learning resources and assessment for Digital Functional Skills, a new course intended to prepare learners for different aspects of digital working life. This is our second dedicated digital learning solution, alongside our Essential Digital Skills course, meaning that bksb can now prepare your learners for a digital age in more ways than ever before.



What is the Digital Functional Skills course?

Take a closer look into what makes Digital Functional Skills a stand-out new course from bksb, equipping learners to thrive in a digital age.


Mapped to the Digital Functional Skills framework

Our course is designed to support the delivery of the Digital Functional Skills framework, allowing learners to gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to thrive in the digital world.

  • Benefits
    • Subject content covering Entry Level 3 and Level 1
    • Written in a concise and accessible style, ensuring it is suitable for ESL learners
    • Content for each of the 5 modules: Using Devices and Handling Information, Creating and Editing, Communication, Transacting, and Being Safe and Responsible Online

AI-powered assessment

With intelligent assessment, you can gain an accurate and detailed understanding of your learner’s level at the start of their Digital Functional Skills course, meaning that they can be directed to the learning resources best suited to them.

  • Benefits
    • Bespoke set of questions for each learner
    • Extensive, ever-changing bank of questions used to measure progress and knowledge
    • Regular progress checks to evaluate how far a learner has advanced at the end of each module

Engaging learning resources

Like all of our courses, learners on the Digital Functional Skills course will have access to bite-size learning resources focused on different areas of the framework.

  • Benefits
    • Fully interactive with self-marking activities
    • Engaging video content
    • Relevant scenarios and topics to prepare for the digital skills used in the workplace

Discover Digital Functional Skills

To learn more about bksb's newest course, Digital Functional Skills, and how bksb can help you to equip learners with the skills needed for the digital age, simply complete the form, and we will be in touch. You'll also gain access to our bksb for Digital Skills factsheet.