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Access our Ofsted Masterclass series at the touch of a button.

Our Ofsted masterclasses

Join our expert speakers, Tony Allen & Danny Taylor as they present our 3-part masterclass series, dedicated to Ofsted success. An Ofsted inspection can have a significant impact on the success of your organisation, and it's essential to be aware of the latest developments in their inspection standards and requirements.

Our Ofsted Masterclass Series is the perfect opportunity to enhance your skills and become an Ofsted-approved "Good" or "Outstanding" provider. Each webinar covers important topics such as understanding what Ofsted looks for during inspections, ensuring a successful outcome, identifying areas of improvement, and an opportunity to learn practical strategies to improve your organisation's chances of achieving outstanding ratings.

Join us for this masterclass series and let us help you navigate a path to success. 

Tony Allen
CEO Allen Apprenticeships

An experienced consultant and trainer in the post-16 education and training sector.


Ofsted Masterclass

Webinar Series

  • Masterclass Ep. 1 - June 15

    This first webinar will provide a comprehensive understanding of what Ofsted looks for when they visit, with insights on expectations for learners, employers and providers alike.

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  • Masterclass Ep. 2 - June 28

    This webinar will focus on what you can do to prepare for your Ofsted inspection. How do you transform a positive monitoring visit into a successful full inspection?

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  • Masterclass Ep. 3 - July 5

    This webinar will focus on how to level up your inspection outcomes. If you've recently received disappointing grade, this webinar explores steps to turn things around and level up next time.

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