Finance Trends Survey 2022/23

Finance teams have had a lot to contend with over the past few years. And they continue to face a number of complex challenges today as they strive to adapt. Change, although necessary, can be uncomfortable when it happens quickly. The finance department has been evolving at a faster rate than most. There’s ever-changing legislation, industry trends and new technologies to keep up with if businesses want to remain relevant.

There has also been an enduring shift towards remote working, and the new employee expectations that come with this. Finance managers face a challenge holding onto their best talent if they don’t embrace this, especially with the ongoing ‘Great Resignation’. There’s a burnout problem among finance professionals too, perhaps due to increased pressures as companies strive to keep up with competitors.  

With all these considerations, it has never been more pertinent for us to commission our annual Business Trends Survey, so that we can understand what is happening within the finance profession and where it is heading, with the hope of helping teams to take proactive measures. We surveyed hundreds of finance employees from all levels of seniority, to get the most accurate and complete picture.

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