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How Covid changed the role of the finance director forever

By Tim Adler

Covid has accelerated the trend for the finance director to become more of a strategic adviser, assuming much of what used to be the COO role. However, to do that they need to summon up accurate, real-time financial data kept in the Cloud.

Tim Adler discusses the impact of Covid on the way a finance director works. He also takes a look at what Covid has done to the available talent pool for finance teams in the UK, as well as giving a brief history of accounting technology.


About Tim Adler

Tim Adler is editor of, the #1 website for SMEs in Britain, which last year was named alongside the BBC and the Daily Telegraph for the excellence of its journalism.

He is a former commissioning editor at the Telegraph, who has also written for the Financial Times and the Times. The Sunday Times called Tim’s most recent nonfiction book “compulsively readable”, while the Daily Mail called it “dazzling”.

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