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Digitising Social Care Records


Digitising Social Care Records (DSCR) is a framework for social care providers designed to support the digitisation of social care records. Through the framework care providers can recieve funding towards purchasing a assured digital system such as Care Cloud.

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What is DSCR Funding?

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) is providing funding to social care providers through the ‘Adult Social Care Digital Transformation Fund’ during 2023/24. The fund aims to ensure that 80% of CQC registered providers have a digital social care record (DSCR) in place.

To enquire about funding, you will need to contact your local ICS as each ICS sets their own priorities and processes for applying for funding.


What is an assured solution?

Assured solutions offer the minimum required features to meet the needs of social care providers. These features include the ability to generate reports, see changes to records, comply with national standards and can help meet CQC regulations on good governance.

Funding is only avaliable when purchasing a solution listed as an assured solution.

How much funding is available?

Funding levels vary based on your location and the approach of that particular ICS. Typicaly funding includes a contribution towards one off set up costs, yearly licensing, training and other assosicated implementation costs.

Contact ourselves or your ICS in order to find out more.

Funding Criteria

  • Not already have a DSCR assured supplier solution in place
  • Must be CQC registered
  • Department of Health and Social Care Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) ‘standards met’ or ‘approaching standards’ published for your organisation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity in all rooms, if the funding is for a fixed location such as a care home

What happens if an organisation doesn't digitise?

Having a DSCR system is now part of annual CQC return. 

The Care Quality Commission, has stated: “it will become increasingly difficult for providers to maintain an outstanding or good rating without having an effective and safe digital social care record solution in place to enable better outcomes for people.” 

Funding is expected to be withdrawn after 20th December 2024, so reach out to us today in order to make the most of the available funding.

To find out more, here is a useful blog: Digitisation is the power to improve care – Social care (




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