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Sourcing Management

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Streamline and remove complexity with an easy-to-use collaborative solution to align strategic sourcing efforts with spend and ESG goals. Rest easy knowing compliant policies and processes are being followed with ease.

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Key features:

  • Planning

  • Guided buying

  • Quick Quotes

  • Opportunities Portal

  • Cost control

  • Frameworks

  • Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

  • Outcomes and evaluations

How Sourcing Management will benefit your business

Digitise complex processes
Reduce manual admin and streamline procurement activities.
Better relationships
Deliver an enhanced supplier experience with Quick Quotes and the Opportunities Portal.
Strategic sourcing
Ensure activities align with strategic goals across ESG and business objectives.

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Features and benefits

Sourcing planning

Investigate and plan important sourcing details such as cost, approach, associated dates and other items to ensure good strategic and compliant purchases. Monitor each stage of the process with a clear process and structure including a checklist of required items that need to be completed before approaching the market.

Benefits of this feature
  • Ensure proper planning before a sourcing activity
  • Remain compliant with checklist of required activities
  • Easily monitor each sourcing stage and align to your cost objectives, approach and timelines

Guided buying

Sourcing Management includes an intuitive pre-built wizard to guide the users through the buying process with easy request navigation, empowering your team members and ensuring low-friction compliance with procurement processes.

Benefits of this feature
  • Automatically guide users through each stage of the request
  • Empower all team members beyond the procurement department to engage in sourcing activities 
  • Ensure consistent unconscious compliance, whereby all stakeholders automatically complete sourcing activities according to company guidelines 

Quick Quotes

Provide a friction-free client experience with the Quick Quotes module. Send quotation forms directly to suppliers for a faster pricing quotation compared to publishing full tenders. Receive pricing, delivery dates, and documentation from existing onboarded suppliers with a simplified quote form.

Benefits of this feature
  • Easily organise and store quotes in a uniform, centralised hub 
  • Compare like with like for easier strategic procurement 
  • Obtain quotes without undergoing the lengthy traditional tender process
  • Increased response rates from the quote process

Opportunities Portal

Provide greater opportunities for your suppliers, reduce the manual efforts and build greater relationships by allowing them to respond directly to opportunities, whether this be for a request for quotation or open approaches to the market. Reduce the effort spent on administration tasks during the at-market phase of a sourcing activity by digitising responses, clarifications and addenda.

Benefits of this feature
  • Simply publish sourcing opportunities, including quotations or open approaches via the portal
  • Collect proposals from your supplier base with limited manual efforts
  • Reduce manual administrative efforts with digitisation

Cost control

Configure delegations, approvals and endorsements at every step. Break down expected expenditures and ensure team members are equipped with the appropriate budgets before sourcing activities begin. 

Benefits of this feature
  • No unexpected cost increases or rogue invoices
  • Manage costs at the point of purchase
  • Easily adhere to pre-approved budgets across all sourcing events


Create framework records that allow users to easily utilise existing frameworks when undertaking sourcing activities, reducing the amount of effort and time required to source goods or services, as well as ensuring that spend is guided towards approved suppliers.

Benefits of this feature
  • Utilise existing frameworks
  • Reduce time and manual efforts to source goods or services
  • Ensure you spend with only approved suppliers

Outcomes and evaluations

Evaluate the responses received and notify suppliers of the outcome with ease. Award contracts to successful suppliers with the built-in contract management features, when utilising our Contract Management solution. Results are summarised into a financial indication of the value approved, versus the value of the awarded contract and any remaining value. 

Benefits of this feature
  • Quickly assess proposal against key criteria, including price rank and submission value
  • Reduce manual workload with built in notifications to let suppliers know bid outcomes
  • Help ensure you keep to costs with value and cost summaries against budget within the platform

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Sourcing Management Resources


  • What is strategic sourcing software?

    Strategic sourcing software is a tool or platform used to streamline and optimise an organisation’s procurement processes and activities. It involves a systematic and data-driven approach to sourcing goods, services or materials in a way that aligns with the organisation's overall strategic objectives and goals. The software assists in managing supplier relationships, negotiating contracts, and making informed decisions to achieve cost savings, enhance supplier performance, mitigate risks, and improve overall efficiency in the procurement process.

  • What is an example of e-sourcing?

    E-sourcing, or electronic sourcing, involves using online platforms or software to facilitate procurement activities and processes. It encompasses activities such as supplier identification, RFP (Request for Proposal) management, e-auctions, supplier collaboration, and contract management. 

  • What are some examples of strategic sourcing?

    By incorporating these strategic sourcing practices, organisations can achieve cost savings, drive efficiency, manage risks effectively, and build strong and sustainable supplier partnerships.


    Supplier consolidation and optimisation. Identifying and consolidating purchases with a smaller number of strategic suppliers to leverage volume discounts and streamline the supply chain.


    Global sourcing. Sourcing products or services from different geographic regions to capitalise on cost advantages, expertise, or specific market conditions.


    Demand forecasting and planning. Analysing historical data and market trends to accurately forecast demand and plan sourcing strategies accordingly, ensuring the right quantity of goods is procured at the right time.


    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis. Evaluating the total cost associated with procuring a product or service, including not only the purchase price but also factors like maintenance, transportation, and disposal costs.


    Risk management and diversification. Assessing and mitigating risks associated with suppliers, geopolitical issues, market volatility, or disruptions in the supply chain by diversifying suppliers or implementing risk mitigation strategies.


    Negotiation and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM). Conduct negotiations with suppliers based on a deep understanding of their capabilities and market conditions to secure favourable terms and foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


    Value engineering and product innovation. Collaborating with suppliers to enhance the value of products or services through innovation, cost reduction, or improved features, ensuring optimum quality and functionality.

  • How can sourcing management software help with strategic procurement?

    OneAdvanced's Sourcing Management solution enables process efficiencies across your sourcing activities, removing time-consuming roadblocks and automating regular tasks to ensure smooth, friction-free sourcing.


    Superior data analytics. Identify savings opportunities, recognise trends, track projects and more with full visibility over supplier data in one central location.


    Supplier Engagement. Develop beneficial supplier relationships and ease collaboration with the use of easy-to-use automated tools to deliver faster and better commercial outcomes.


    Integrated solutions. OneAdvanced's Sourcing Management brings together a host of sourcing functionalities into one consolidated solution which is accessible to all stakeholders.

  • What are the benefits of using OneAdvanced's Sourcing Management software?

    Sourcing Management delivers outstanding benefits and a competitive advantage that reaches far beyond your procurement department.


    Significant cost savings. Sourcing Management delivers sustainable savings across your sourcing activities. By reducing the amount of time and staffing needed to source suppliers and by ensuring a smoother onboarding process.


    Enabling strategic operational procurement. Procurement can be so much more than a matter of compliance and box ticking. Sourcing Management enables your organisation to embrace a strategic procurement mindset that focuses on results rather than processes.


    A single unified platform. No more chasing after emails, spreadsheets or files, all the information, data and documents you need are now contained in a single, logical and easy-to-access space.


    Strategically aligned sourcing. Ensure your sourcing activities are in line with your organisation’s overarching targets and goals.


    Visibility over all sourcing events. Every stage of the sourcing process is tracked and recorded, ensuring full visibility from start to finish and easy analysis.


    Company-wide accessibility. Ensure all stakeholders, both within and outside your procurement teams can access relevant sourcing data and documentation. 

  • How does strategic sourcing differ from traditional procurement methods?

    Strategic sourcing focuses on long-term supplier relationships, cost optimisation, risk management, and aligning procurement decisions with organisational objectives, whereas traditional procurement is often transactional and focuses mainly on cost savings during purchasing.

  • How does strategic sourcing contribute to risk management in the supply chain?

    Strategic sourcing helps in identifying and mitigating risks by diversifying suppliers, assessing geopolitical factors, implementing risk mitigation strategies, and ensuring business continuity in case of supply chain disruptions.

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