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Practice and Case Management

OneAdvanced Legal

Helping UK and Irish firms supercharge productivity with a cost-efficient single solution that offers practice and case management, accounts, legal forms, wills management, digital tax submissions, and so much more.

OneAdvanced Legal Practice and case management software in use)

Key features:

  • Deep UK and Irish law expertise built-in

  • Extensive Microsoft 365 integration

  • Transparent, per-user, per-month charges

  • Auto updates ensure you’re on the latest version

  • eLearning and digital tools ease adoption

  • Persona-led dashboards to boost user productivity

  • Compliant, integrated legal accounts, no 3rd party software required

  • Microsoft Azure security and performance, access 24/7 from any location

How our OneAdvanced Legal next-generation solution will benefit your law firm

Enhanced performance
Modern SaaS technology streamlines operations, boost user efficiency and enhances client satisfaction with joined-up technology that incorporates ease-of-use, precision, and governance.
Business insight
Flexible dashboards and reports transform data into valuable insights, enabling you to make the data-driven business decisions that underpin growth.
Futureproof technology
You're investing in a futureproof system that will continuously evolve in line with emerging shifts in technical, risk management, and legal requirements.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

We have deep sector knowledge baked into our products
Tailored for our customers
Great value, uncompromised quality – that’s our promise to you

Features and benefits

Cloud Flexibility

Operational efficiency in a dynamic environment

In today's fast-paced, digitally connected world, it’s paramount that legal firms have easily accessible, secure, and user-friendly cloud-native technology. This isn’t just a matter of convenience - it’s a strategic necessity for firms that plan to thrive and grow.

Benefits of this feature
  • 24/7, any location accessibility supports on-going productivity, and employee wellbeing
  • Automated updates ensure users have access to the latest features and security upgrades
  • Microsoft Azure platform provides multi-layered security and comprehensive protection
  • Simple, transparent pricing model offers bundled, predictable per-user, per-month subscriptions
  • Cost-effective, integrated induction training reduces learning curves and accelerates adoption

Financial Control

Comprehensive, integrated legal accounts

OneAdvanced Legal provides a built-in, correctly configured, legal accounts package. This all-in-one solution offers a compliant, refined and tailored accounts experience, while removing the disjointed approach and cost of third-party accounts software.

Benefits of this feature
  • Tracking critical accounts information keeps you on top of daily progress
  • Our reports suite provides the insight needed to monitor on-going firm performance
  • Developed with the capability to meet GDPR, HMRC, SRA, SAR, LAA, and Law Society regulations
  • Streamline tax submissions by using the Business Tax Portal and aid compliance with Making Tax Digital
  • Fully integrated with case management, allowing smoother flow of financial information between departments

Data Management

Simplifying the complex

OneAdvanced Legal delivers an effective information management system that underpins operational efficiency, strategic effectiveness, data security, and regulatory compliance.

Benefits of this feature
  • All client, matter, contact information is in a single database, providing one true data version
  • Documents are stored centrally in the cloud, keeping them organised and accessible to users
  • Full text searching allows users to find required documents quickly
  • Simplified report queries quickly surface results that can be exported, annotated, and shared
  • Incorporated GDPR tools ensure all users can manage data and documents safely and compliantly
  • Due diligence features include automated AML and conflict checks

Enhanced Productivity

Building a high performance culture

In addition to work efficiency tools that promote excellence and smooth progress, the wider range of software incorporated into OneAdvanced Legal offers connected work processes, cost savings, and increased functional efficiency. Every aspect has been developed to help your teams consistently deliver high-quality work, meet deadlines, and surpass client expectations.

Benefits of this feature
  • Deep Microsoft 365 integration offers a familiar, user-friendly environment and optimised performance
  • Persona created dashboards deliver real time information about each user's workload
  • Incorporated legal forms, with automated data pre-population, offer a more unified user experience
  • Easily accessible, system-prompted time recording captures both billable and non-chargeable time
  • Automated templates ensure the correct document or form version is being used firmwide
  • Legal Forms, The National Will Register and Business Tax Portal are included as standard and available to every user

Resident Expertise

The optimum choice for UK and Irish legal practitioners

OneAdvanced Legal has been built for UK and Irish law firms, which means that it's a practice and case management solution that's tailored specifically to user needs and preferences, unlike software that’s been adapted and patched to fit requirements.

Benefits of this feature
  • Aligns with the experiences and expectations of users, extending to language and terminology
  • Built with consideration for the intricacies of UK legislation and the regulatory compliance landscape
  • Geographic proximity facilitates real-time user feedback and faster product development
  • Continuously evolves in tandem with emerging shifts in technical, security, and legal requirements

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OneAdvanced Legal Security Statement

Our Cloud Security Document outlines the security measures and practices that OneAdvanced have implemented to protect its cloud based legal portfolio solution.

This document describes our approach to the security of our platform, which is constantly being reviewed as security requiments evolve.

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Blended Learning Training Information Pack 

OneAdvanced Legal provides a comprehensive training curriculum that empowers you to build your system knowledge, anywhere, anytime and at pace that suits you.

Our blended learning experience utilises learning paths combining self-paced CPD-Accredited digital learning and virtual classroom sessions with one of our trainers, supported by comprehensive training guides. 

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  • What advantages would our firm gain by choosing OneAdvanced Legal?

    Our legal software is designed by people who have extensive domain knowledge, combined with 35+ years of legal technology development experience. Because we truly understand how UK and Irish law firms work, you can be assured our solutions are built to solve the most pressing sector issues.


    No one can accurately predict how the needs of legal firms will evolve in the future, but as they do, so will OneAdvanced Legal. You have the assurance of a modern, highly performant portfolio that will always remain up to date with current requirements.

  • What are the specific benefits of a cloud-based practice and case management solution?

    The short answer is improved efficiency and higher levels of protection.

    Cloud technology enables law firms to manage the complexities of a flexible work environment more easily, primarily through impressive accessibility, extensibility, and collaboration capabilities. Authorised users can access system processes and information quickly - wherever they’re working, while managers can continually monitor firm-wide performance and progress.

    Our cloud-native system is built on an Azure platform that significantly enhances security protections in several key ways. Firstly, it leverages advanced security frameworks and protocols that include sophisticated encryption methods, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates. If there is an issue, Microsoft’s proactive monitoring and maintenance capabilities allow potential problems to be identified and resolved very quickly. In summary, your data and information will remain secure, and recoverable, even in instances of system interruption.

  • Are there any financial advantages associated with moving to OneAdvanced Legal?

    Yes. OneAdvanced Legal eliminates the need for substantial upfront capital investment in hardware, as the software is provided as a service (SaaS). This allows you to move from capital expenditure (CAPEX) to an operational expenditure (OPEX) model, improving cash flow and freeing up capital for other business initiatives. It also removes the expense of on-going system maintenance or unexpected upgrades and enhancements. They are included in your single subscription price.

  • Why was the system developed on a Microsoft platform?

    Building our system within a user-friendly environment reduces user learning curves because it offers the consistent functionality and familiarity that your teams already use every day. It also futureproofs your firm as the system will continue to develop directly in line with Microsoft’s continuous improvements and innovation. Finally, this deep integration optimises performance of the Microsoft suite, delivering a much smoother, more consistent service than a surface level plug-in would.

  • How quickly can we adopt OneAdvanced Legal?

    You can access the system as soon as you’re ready. Digital delivery significantly accelerates the implementation period and allows you to onboard very quickly. This can be particularly beneficial when deploying the system across multiple locations, as it avoids the time and expense caused by the logistical delays associated with traditional delivery methods.

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Have a question?

Speak to our legal software consultants for personalised advice and recommendations. Complete our form to access a full OneAdvanced Legal demonstration.


0330 191 3730

Email us

Receive more information about our software and how it can support your law firm.