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Supplier Management

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Mitigate risks, improve supplier performance and make smarter, faster business decisions with a complete view of your suppliers.

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Key features:

  • Easily collaborate your suppliers

  • Instantly determine supplier risk

  • Review supplier performance

  • Assess and report on ESG

  • Store and track vendor contracts

  • Built-in dashboards and reporting

  • Online community

  • Supplier classification with modelling and tiers

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How Supplier Management will benefit your business

100% visibility
Gain total visibility and control over your supplier relationship and risk management.
One central solution
Complete all your supplier management tasks in one location.
Strategic procurement
Enable strategic supplier collaboration to deliver better commercial outcomes.

Why work with OneAdvanced?

Our team has developed this sector-leading software from the ground up.
More than a product, we're about building lasting bonds based on trust.
Our team is composed of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering top-quality results.

Features and benefits

Supplier risk assessments

Provide your team with customisable, instant and real-time supplier risk insights to enable the tracking of contract health, identify suppliers who do not meet regulatory or legislative requirements and implement standard checklists. Instantly see your supplier risk ratings with coloured rankings.

Benefits of this feature
  • Securely store supplier data in a centralised hub
  • Implement supplier risk assessment checklists for ease of use
  • Assess, manage and mitigate supplier risk with a view of regulatory compliance, supply chain risk and supplier integrity
  • Instantly see your supplier's risk rating with coloured scoring of high, medium and low

Contract overview

Centrally store your vendor contracts and gain a high level of risk management efficiency while giving your team strategic insight into key dates and contract deliverables. The solution provides easy access to contract information to make informed decisions and to support contract and supplier performance management.

Benefits of this feature
  • Easy to use contacts register for each supplier capturing key details
  • Assess performance for critical contracts with each supplier
  • Easily report on spend with suppliers, categories and upcoming renewals

Compliance and transparency

Gain full view of regulatory compliance and embrace legislative changes effortlessly while efficiently managing crucial information including insurances, policies and certifications, all while eliminating tiresome manual handling. Reduce human error and enable strategic decision-making and effortless compliance. 

Benefits of this feature
  • Central document library to store and gain a clear view of insurances, certifications and policies
  • Ensure all insurances and contracts are up to date and compliant
  • Easily create automated alerts and report to ensure ongoing compliance

ESG assessments and tools

Ensure your suppliers, as well as their suppliers, adhere to the legislative and policy requirements related to your environmental, social and governance objectives. Built-in regular assessments, delivered routinely across your suppliers, and having access to supplier compliance information drives your organisational towards positive change.

Benefits of this feature
  • Regular structured supplier assessments ensures adherence to ESG criteria
  • Create category-based scorecards to compare suppliers
  • Set recurring reminders and tasks to encourage change
  • Generate performance reports

Supplier performance assessments

Gain full visibility over stakeholder and supplier performance in real time, allowing you to reduce risks, improve quality of service and ensure optimal value for money through flexible score cards that can be customised to fit existing performance frameworks.

Benefits of this feature
  • Develop customised evaluations to offer a comprehensive analysis of supplier performance from all angles
  • Create scoring frameworks and measure contract achievements across multiple data points
  • Create bespoke assessments to gain a 360-degree overview of supplier performance
  • Understand and leverage qualitative feedback within your supplier meetings to improve outcomes

Dashboards and reporting

Strategy and performance management are easy with our user-friendly built-in dashboards and real-time reports. Our intuitive interface offers a top-level dashboard from which users can delve into supplier details and gain fully customisable data insights.

Benefits of this feature
  • Classify and report on suppliers based on a wide range of classifications, including key government metrics
  • Instantly view overall contract process performance as well as individual supplier and contract performance
  • Public information reporting with custom filters to generate details reports
  • Get a quick and simple overview of your contracts, dates, and reminders

Supplier classification and tagging

Eliminate the guesswork. Model and tier your supplier base according to your unique priorities. Simply ‘tag’ your suppliers within your classifications library, and Supplier Management will automate all the associated plans and tasks.

Benefits of this feature
  • Link your suppliers to industry, service, and individual capabilities by identifying and categorising them into tiers
  • Classify and report on suppliers based on a wide range of classifications, including key government metrics
  • Remove manual tasks and help ensure compliance by standardising the tasks associated to tags or classifications

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Supplier Management Resources


  • What is a supplier management system?

    Also referred to as supplier management software, vendor management software, supplier management program or supplier management tool. A supplier management system is a set of tools, processes, and practices organisations use to effectively manage their relationships with suppliers. The primary goal of a supplier management system is to optimise the value and performance of the suppliers in a company's supply chain, ensuring that they contribute positively to the organisation's objectives.


    Key components and functions of a good supplier management system include:


    Supplier Onboarding: Streamlining the process of integrating new suppliers into the organisation's supply chain, ensuring they understand the company's expectations, standards, and procedures.


    Contract and Agreement Management: Creating and managing contracts, agreements, and terms of engagement with suppliers, including pricing, delivery schedules, quality standards, and other relevant terms.


    Performance Monitoring and Measurement: Continuously evaluating supplier performance against agreed-upon key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess compliance, quality, delivery timeliness, and other relevant metrics.


    Risk Assessment and Mitigation: Identifying and assessing risks associated with each supplier and implementing strategies to mitigate these risks, ensuring business continuity and minimising potential disruptions.


    Collaboration and Communication: Facilitating effective communication and collaboration between the organisation and its suppliers to enhance efficiency, transparency, and alignment of goals.


    Supplier Development and Improvement: Supporting and encouraging suppliers to enhance their capabilities, processes, and performance through training, feedback, and performance improvement initiatives.


    Supplier Segmentation: Categorising suppliers based on their strategic importance, criticality, and potential impact on the organisation, which helps in tailoring strategies and efforts accordingly.


    Data and Information Management: Centralising and managing supplier-related data, documentation, and information to ensure easy access, accuracy, and security.


    Compliance and Regulatory Management: Ensuring suppliers adhere to applicable laws, regulations, industry standards, and ethical practices.

  • How long will it take to set up OneAdvanced's Supplier Management?

    Our software is designed to integrate with your existing systems, ensuring minimal downtime. Our team will work hard to understand your particular needs and prepare your supplier management software in a matter of weeks.

    No hardware or software is needed; our straightforward API integration will ensure that Supplier Management combines effortlessly with your current CRM, FMS and other systems to provide a seamless experience.

  • What makes OneAdvanced's Supplier Management software different?

    OneAdvanced's Supplier Management enables greater collaboration, enhanced visibility, and easier workflows to allow your procurement team to make smarter, faster business decisions. Our industry-leading suite of solutions takes procurement from a matter of compliance and servicing to one of strategy and value-adding. 


    Integrating OneAdvanced's Supplier Management into your business workflow can significantly enhance your ability to make smarter and faster decisions while minimising risks. This comprehensive approach involves leveraging advanced technologies and strategies to optimise supplier relationships and operations, leaving more time for your procurement team to focus on adding value and driving results.


    Identifying cost opportunities. Supplier Management's tools utilise data analytics and market insights to help businesses identify cost-saving opportunities. These tools can analyse supplier performance, market trends, and procurement data to suggest alternatives that can reduce costs without compromising quality.


    Assessing and managing supplier risks. Our systems enable thorough assessment and monitoring of supplier risks. This includes evaluating a supplier's financial stability, compliance with regulations, geopolitical stability, and other factors that could potentially impact your supply chain. By proactively identifying risks, businesses can develop mitigation strategies and contingency plans.


    Ensuring deliverables are consistently met. Implementing OneAdvanced's Supplier Management allows for real-time tracking and monitoring of supplier deliverables. This ensures that suppliers adhere to agreed-upon timelines and quality standards, reducing delays and disruptions in your operations.


    Seamlessly Managing Performance. Our tools provide performance tracking and evaluation mechanisms. These tools help measure supplier performance based on predefined key performance indicators (KPIs). Monitoring metrics such as on-time delivery, product quality, and service levels helps maintain a high performance standard and fosters accountability among suppliers.


    Enhancing Collaboration and Communication. Centralised communication channels, shared dashboards, and automated notifications help streamline information exchange, resolving issues quickly and promoting transparency in the relationship.


    Optimising Supplier Relationships. OneAdvanced's Supplier Management emphasises building strategic relationships with suppliers. By understanding supplier capabilities and strategic objectives and aligning them with your organisation's goals, you can create mutually beneficial partnerships that drive innovation, efficiency, and value creation.


    Data-Driven Decision-Making. OneAdvanced's Supplier Management integrates data analytics and reporting features, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions. Insights gained from these analyses enable you to refine strategies, negotiate better contracts, and optimise supplier relationships based on historical and real-time performance data.

  • Why work with OneAdvanced's Supplier Management?

    We understand and solve your supplier management roadblocks. 


    Instantly analyse supplier risk - Increase risk visibility across your supplier base. Effortlessly analyse your entire supply chain to uncover risk factors around financial performance, ownership structures, and crucial social impact indicators like modern slavery and human trafficking exposure. Manage supplier risk with convenient risk and issue templates specific to each procurement and contract type.


    Receive actionable, real-time data insights - Generate valuable insights into your organisation's contract landscape, obtaining actionable data on contracts, expenditures, supplier performance and sentiment, timelines, and contract history. Gain invaluable insights into individual contractor management and the overall performance of your contract process.


    Minimise admin with a centralised supplier database - Centralise all your suppliers and contracts in one effortless hub. Say goodbye to juggling spreadsheets and misplacing crucial documents. OneAdvanced's Supplier Management offers a clear-cut, all-in-one solution for storing, organising, accessing, and updating suppliers and contracts.


    Become your suppliers’ favourite client - Make it easier for your suppliers to do business with you. Effortlessly engage suppliers through our self-service and information-sharing features and experience a like-for-like system that streamlines collaboration for your suppliers, empowering you to foster more robust relationships and achieve superior, faster results.

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