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Close your pay gap by 16%

Any employer with 250 or more employees must report their gender pay gap data, and many smaller organisations are taking the initiative too. But how can you make closing the pay gap a reality?

With the helpful resources below, discover how Advanced closed its pay gap by 16% and went from mere compliance to using pay gap reporting as a vehicle for transformational change to create an equitable experience for all at Advanced, and how your organisation can start this journey too.


Read Advanced's own recently published Diversity Pay Gap 2022.

Take a look at our own most recent Diversity Pay Gap report to discover more about our own Diversity Pay Gap data, and the actions we are taking to reduce this gap year after year. See how we practice what we preach and reduced our Pay Gap by 16 percentage points from 22.8 to 6.8%.

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22.8% to 6.8%: How to close your pay gap by 16%

Duration: 1 hour

                                                                                       Claire Ross 50x50.png                                                           
Nick Gallimore                                                                        Claire Ross
Managing Director, Advanced                                            Head of Culture, Advanced
Nicole Merriman.jpg                                                                                        Kelsey Farrell.jpg   
Nicole Merriman                                                                     Kelsey Farrell
People Experience Insights Manager,                               Senior Internal Communications Specialist,
Advanced                                                                                   Advanced                

Our panel will talk you through Advanced’s pay gap journey, as well as inspire you to take practical steps to close your pay gap and become a more attractive, high-performing employer.

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Our solutions that help you reduce your pay gap

Advanced Payroll

Alongside the accuracy offered by real-time pay functionality in Advanced Payroll, you can build the most accurate picture of your existing pay structure possible.

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Advanced HR

Advanced HR's diversity workflow allows you to push out tailored questions to your people and get the data and feedback you need, when you need it.

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Other resources to help you close your pay gap


Our people management solutions are designed to help you make closing your pay gap a reality.

Take the first step and let's start your journey together.