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Why HR teams need an Employee Value Proposition

In this guide we will look at the emergence of the EVP and Employer Branding as a dominant force in modern working culture. Through the lens of the past few years, we will see how external events both globally and internationally have forced an evolution within the workforce and how this has led to issues of engagement and wellbeing to be thrust into the forefront of strategic business planning.

Most crucially we will explore how the mass disruption of the pandemic era afforded employees the opportunity to view their workplaces in a whole new light and how the cultural shift within the working world has empowered workers with a greater degree of leverage in judging their workforces. In the modern, fiercely competitive recruitment space, businesses who fail to stay ahead of these changes may find themselves faced with long term challenges in retaining and attracting key talent. We want to look at the role the EVP can play in strengthening your recruitment strategies.