The changing role of payroll professionals

We know that the role of the payroll function is ever-evolving and growing from task robots to pioneers. At Advanced we think that powerful payroll software can help you stay ahead of any future responsibilities or challenges your payroll team will face. That's why we've written some useful resources exploring the future of payroll and more importantly, how you can actually get there. Say yes to transforming your payroll with Advanced.

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Power of Pay on Demand

Find out how you can empower employees to draw down the pay they need, when they need, at no extra cost to the business.

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Why you need to ditch your legacy payroll system

Read our guide why your legacy payroll systems are holding your payroll team back.

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Choosing your next payroll system

Read our practical guide on what you should look for when choosing your next payroll solution.

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Payroll is a crucial operation but too many organisations find themselves languishing with clunky payroll systems.

Our payroll software, Advanced Payroll, offers you the framework you need to say yes to creating an accurate, compliant and efficient payroll experience with each and every pay cycle. Real time calculations, super speed processing and intuitive reporting come together to ensure that you have the visibility and control you need.

Key capabilities of our payroll software

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We provide payroll software to solve your key issues

Our payroll software is designed to solve the challenges that payroll teams face.

  • Payroll inaccuracies caused by human error

    Manual processes are error prone as there is no built-in mechanism to prevent mistakes. The smallest change to employee's information becomes subject to payroll inaccuracy. Say Yes to getting it right first time, every time.


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  • Time-consuming manual processes

    How many hours and resources have you seen wasted each pay period with manual entries, navigating spreadsheets and transferring data between systems? Lack of system automation limits payroll teams every day and prevents them from achieving the full scope of their roles. Say yes to becoming pioneers, not task robots.


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  • Burden of constant payroll legislation changes

    Payroll teams must stay up to date with the demands of ever-changing employment and payroll legislation to ensure their payroll stays compliant and accurate. Say yes to being compliant all of the time.


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  • Lack of reporting capabilities 

    Salaries are often a company’s biggest cost, meaning it’s vital for finance teams to be able to report and analyse payroll data and its impact on the bottom line. Say yes to having access to the information you need, when you need it. 


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  • Supporting financial wellbeing

    It is estimated that employee financial problems cost businesses 4% of productivity. Your payroll software should serve as the ideal foundation for being able to say yes to driving forward positive discussion and action around employee financial wellbeing.


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