Continue to Invest in your People Experience

Grab the opportunity of our Technology Adoption Fund

The Advanced Technology Adoption Fund is designed to help businesses keep investing in their people despite the increasing cost of doing business.

At Advanced, we believe that efficient and modern people management software is the foundation of an excellent people experience.

That’s why we want to keep making the adoption of the HR and Payroll technology you need accessible.

Like all good things, when it's gone, it's gone! So get in touch with us to secure your portion of the fund before it's all claimed.

Let’s invest in your organisation together.

Helping Organisations Make 2023 a Success with our Technology Adoption Fund

We understand that the cost of doing business continues to skyrocket, and that the up-front cost of investing in technology can be off-putting when financial belts are being tightened.

Our annual People Management Trends Report shows that nearly half (48%) of respondents found cost to be the biggest hindrance in adopting new and updated technologies.

This is exactly why we have launched the Advanced Technology Adoption Fund; so you can focus on building up your people experience without breaking the bank.

This fund can be used by organisations in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada, United States or Australia with fewer than 350 employees to support their investment in Advanced’s HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, and Auto-Rostering software solutions.

At Advanced we believe that businesses shouldn’t have to decide between investing in their people experience, or another business critical project - and now you don’t have to.

Software Powered Possibility

Continue Investing in your People Management Technology

The Technology Adoption Fund can be used to help your business adopt the following solutions:

Advanced Payroll

Say Yes to transforming the way you run payroll and ensure accuracy and compliance throughout each and every pay cycle with Advanced's HMRC recognised payroll software.

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Advanced HR

Our HR software, Advanced HR, gives HR teams and employees quick and simple access to all HR functionality, whether that be booking annual leave, logging sickness, logging a personal development plan, or booking training.

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Advanced T&A

Advanced Time and Attendance software helps organisations of all sizes say yes to managing their workforce’s schedule, track time, record absences, manage shifts, and automate repetitive tasks.

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