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What to consider when choosing a time recording platform

How should law firms choose a time recording platform? It’s a decision firms must get right, as it can have a big impact on revenue, profitability, client relationships, staff retention and morale.

In this whitepaper we break down the different stakeholders of a time recording platform, their needs and how to address them. To download the whitepaper, fill in the form on the right. To learn more about our time recording solution, Carpe Diem, click here. 

What is Carpe Diem? 

Accurate time recording is key for professional service providers. It allows them to maximize revenue, adhere to good billing practices and meet compliance obligations. Carpe Diem is our innovative time recording solution. It helps professional services organisations, such as those in the legal and financial sectors, capture billable time from any location, at any time, on any device.



ILTA webinar: Top tips on choosing a time recording platform

Tune in to our webinar on-demand where we discuss what large and small firms should expect from a time recording solution and what you need to consider when reviewing the options for your firm.

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