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The 8 secrets to workforce productivity

Examining the business productivity lessons learnt from Covid-19

Working practices changed overnight during the Covid-19 pandemic. New digital technology, including Cloud-based software solutions and online conferencing tools, has enabled millions to continue their day-to-day work with minimal disruption.

Our report provides insights into the way the last 18 months has impacted on employees and managers, revealing the lasting improvements which many are embracing and spotlighting the threats to mitigate from the experience. It also shines a light on the things that matter more than ever to employees and the changing expectations they have of their employers. We have identified some emerging trends in the way we work now and can gauge how reactions to these, by employees and managers, may shape the way we work into the future.

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What you'll find in this report

Multi-tasking is over

People need chunks of time to focus, without distraction and constant changing of hats, to be most productive.

The work-life balance myth

The flexibility of remote working is accompanied by other challenges, including blurred lines between home and work life.

The Covid generation

Entry level and young employees have found remote working more difficult without in-person interactions and mentoring.

Leadership during a pandemic

Managers are under more pressure, giving extra time to their teams while meeting their own deadlines.

Future working habits

Hybrid working must be carefully planned, with the best technology tools and strategies to support employees and managers.


Advanced Workforce Leadership Series 2021

The extreme pressure on the UK workforce over the last 18 months has completely shifted the way we work and left both organisations and individuals reflecting on what it truly means to be resilient.

Organisations have not only had to pivot their businesses but also flex their leadership and management styles to support their teams, both in terms of delivering the right tools and technology, and also in providing virtual coaching, mentoring and support.

As the country gradually 'adopts a new normal' and reflects on some of the positive learnings of the pandemic, it’s clear that many organisations will adapt a ‘hybrid’ approach to work.

This panel discussion looks to explore some of the issues HR professionals are facing as they lead company strategies on the future of work.


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