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Shifting gears

From managing complex logistics to ensuring real-time tracking, safeguarding systems, and maintaining effective communication across networks, managing IT in the transport and distribution industry is extremely challenging.

Modern IT is not just important, but essential in addressing these challenges. It enables automation of processes, facilitates real-time data analysis, enhances cyber security, and provides the tools necessary for effective decision making. However, knowing how to transform is not a simple task.

60% of transportation leaders are recognising the need for a change of strategy and are outsourcing non-core capabilities


Key Challenges

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Route to the cloud

Cloud technology enables real-time tracking and monitoring of goods, improving logistics management, and facilitates better collaboration between different stakeholders, such as drivers, dispatchers, and customers, leading to more streamlined operations. It also provides a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can be easily adjusted to meet changing business needs.

We recognise that organisations are at different stages in their cloud journey, and we advise, assist, secure and operate wherever you may be. Our range of public, private and hybrid services enable us to provide you with the support you need to fully leverage the power of the cloud and drive your business forward.


Driving into a modern future

Real-time collaboration and communication are essential in the transport and distribution industry, as they streamline operations, prevent delays, and facilitate quick decision-making for optimal efficiency. Organisations need to enable this for employees no matter their device or physical location.

OneAdvanced's Modern Workplace services will enable you to digitally accelerate your workplace and make the most out of your technology. Combining class-leading collaboration, performance and productivity tools from Microsoft with the experience and support of our specialists will provide you with a secure and collaborative environment that empowers your workforce. We can ensure productivity never dips whilst you can focus on strategic priorities.


Steering clear of threats

The transport and distribution industry handles vast amounts of sensitive data ranging from customer details to intricate supply chain information. Any breach in this data could lead to substantial financial and reputational damage, as well as disrupting operations or halting delivery altogether.

OneAdvanced Cyber Security Services can provide stronger security through our proactive threat intelligence, dedicated teams of experienced security professionals and our ‘Everything’s Covered’ approach to keeping your people and data safe. We can give you that piece of mind that your environment is secure, whilst reducing the risk of a breach which can cause unrecoverable reputational and financial damage.


Keeping your systems in motion

We recognise the essential for transport and distribution companies to have robust systems and support, guaranteeing seamless operations while improving services. We're committed not just to keeping your systems on track but also driving you ahead. Our extensive range of services can meet your requirements from warehouse to distribution centre, helping you steer clear of challenges.

We are able to support individual applications through to your entire infrastructure environment, creating a tailored solution to suit your business. By adopting our managed services, organisations can streamline their IT operations and focus on their core competencies, while also improving security, compliance, costs, and overall business performance.


After careful consideration, we chose OneAdvanced as our managed services partner, as they offer industry-leading legal software solutions and services that cover the entire 'legal journey' while leveraging the power of the cloud to work smarter.

We are confident that OneAdvanced will play a critical role in the delivery of our digital transformation plans, which will significantly enhance both our internal working practices and our client service".

Nirupa Wikramanayake, Group CIO
Irwin Mitchell

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