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Specif­ic and Stretch­ing
  • Is the objec­tive clear, pre­cise and unambiguous?
  • Is the objec­tive stretch­ing in some way (but still real­is­ti­cal­ly achievable)?
  • Does the objec­tive say what suc­cess will look like and how it will be mea­sured, in terms of quan­ti­ty or quality?
Achiev­able and Agreed
  • Is the objec­tive real­is­ti­cal­ly achiev­able (but not too eas­i­ly), tak­ing into account the time-frame, resources and sup­port that are available?
  • Have both the indi­vid­ual and their man­ag­er agreed on the objective?
  • Is the objec­tive rel­e­vant to what the busi­ness and /‚Äčor the team need to achieve?
  • Will it sup­port the achieve­ment of the over­all goals of the organisation?
  • Has a spe­cif­ic date been agreed for when the objec­tive should be completed?
  • Is the tar­get date relat­ed to the objec­tive rather than sim­ply coin­cid­ing with the end of the review year?