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Tip sheet for setting SMART objectives
Blog //03-08-2023

Tip sheet for setting SMART objectives

by OneAdvanced PR, Author

As HR pro­fes­sion­als, we tend to be fair­ly adept at set­ting SMART objec­tives, so it’s easy to for­get that many employ­ees strug­gle with mak­ing objec­tives SMART.

So we’ve pro­duced a handy one-page tip sheet which visu­al­ly explains what a SMART objec­tive is and includes some key ques­tions that indi­vid­u­als should ask them­selves when set­ting their objec­tives to ensure they are gen­uine­ly SMART.

Please feel free to down­load it and use it in your organ­i­sa­tion with our compliments:

Download SMART Objectives Tip Sheet

For fur­ther guid­ance on SMART objec­tives, read our arti­cle on SMART Objec­tives def­i­n­i­tions.

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