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Reading this article will actually save you time

22/08/2023 minute read OneAdvanced PR

Within law firms, time is a precious commodity, and if there's one thing lawyers wish they had more of, it would probably be just that. With an endless pile of paperwork, cases, and client meetings, it can be difficult to find time for anything else, and firms are turning to technology more and more to be able to tackle this challenge head on and save time. In this blog, we'll be discussing the best tactics law firms can use to help cut down on time-consuming tasks and focus on client delivery. So, take the time to read this article and ultimately save time.

One of the largest time investments for a lawyer is research, so investing the time into implementation will reap immediate rewards, as legal research tools that swiftly analyse and curate relevant data, providing highly accurate results in a fraction of the time it would take through traditional research methods. Research that would have taken a lawyer over an hour now takes less than 30 seconds.

Lawyers invest a significant portion of their day into administrative duties; however, case management software can effectively become a firm’s digital administrator by centralising case information, automating routine tasks, tracking time, and managing case documents. Freeing lawyers from administrative burdens and providing more time to focus on more critical legal work.

Keeping the client happy is a must for law firms, which means spending a significant amount of time updating the clients and providing a transparent billing process. The right solutions allow you to put clients first and save time. Client relationship management software would streamline the billing process and keep clients up to date, keeping the client happy while speeding up the time it takes to bill them and removing the need to manually inform the client of their case.

Correct documentation is essential in law, but filling out, printing, scanning, and mailing documents can be a lengthy burden. That’s where legal forms and e-signature software come into play, allowing lawyers and clients to sign documents electronically, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and physically mailing paperwork. The software itself also completes most of the document, streamlining the process, automating work from the lawyers, and saving time.

Okay, technology is a massive time-saver, but do firms have the time to implement it?

Lawyers are actively seeking out tools that make their day-to-day more streamlined and productive. Legal research tools, e-verification software, client relationship management, and case management tools all top the wish lists among most firms.

However, when surveyed, almost half of firms said they had no plans to implement any technology suggested, listing a lack of time as the biggest reason (52%), from research to implementation the average buying cycle for firms for legal technology nears two years – an obvious barrier when trying to streamline processes now.

The cloud has made the procurement process simpler. Benefiting from quick setup without the need for hardware and offering scalability to grow and update with the firm also effectively future proofs the firm, preventing the need to implement new tech down the line. Therefore, some hard graft now will pay off long term.

While some law firms may express reservations about implementing technology due to perceived time constraints, the reality is that the time saved far outweighs the initial investment. In this digital era, law firms that prioritise technology adoption position themselves for success. By putting clients first and embracing the time-saving potential of legal tech, lawyers can better allocate their time, deliver exceptional services, and navigate the legal landscape with unparalleled efficiency.