Electronic Patient Record Solution

Our electronic patient record solution, Carenotes, enables you to efficiently plan, manage, record and analyse care across a variety of settings, including mental health, community health and child health services.


With increasingly challenging workloads, the requirement to provide more integrated and efficient services, and the need to save money, our solution provides comprehensive support to enable you to manage referrals, care plans, assessments, appointments, treatments, consultations and much more - efficiently, quickly and safely.

Developed over the course of many years in close consultation with leading clinicians, our technology is specifically designed to address the needs of community, mental health and child health services - from CAMHS and Children's and Young People's (CYP) IAPT through to district nursing. Used by over 70,000 clinicians, it includes an integrated mobile working application to enable staff to review and record key patient information at the point of care, wherever that might be and irrespective of whether they are in or out of mobile coverage.

Key Benefits



Integrated single patient record means there is one version of the truth



Built-in, customisable workflows drive and measure clinical and administrative pathways



Real-time dashboards, statutory and management reports provide greater visibility to staff

Our electronic patient record solution, for community and mental health providers

Flexible and configurable

Working with our in-house team of clinicians, we’ve developed a modern, interoperable, flexible and highly configurable solution, which includes an innovative integrated mobile clinical application suitable for both online and offline working. A wide variety of built-in forms enable you to review and record data quickly, intuitively and easily, and you can design your own forms for both the core system and the mobile solution.

Improved patient experience

We recognise the importance of personalised care to both you and your patients. The inherent flexibility of our technology enables you to customise and configure tailored care plans, pathways and assessments to provide greater patient-centric care.

Integrated mobile working

Our solution includes an integrated mobile clinical application which enables your staff to view and record patient information at the point of care, irrespective of where that might be and whether online (in mobile coverage) or offline (out of mobile coverage). Information is automatically synchronised with the patient’s core electronic record once the device is in coverage, ensuring everyone involved in their care has access to the most up-to-date and complete information.

Comprehensive reporting

Our solution provides you with comprehensive reporting and extract facilities to meet operational, management and statutory requirements. Any information recorded within the system can be reported on, exported or used on the role-specific real-time dashboards, promoting ease of communication and sharing information with key stakeholders.

Improved efficiency

The unique features of our electronic patient record solution have been designed to support greater efficiencies, providing innovative ways of viewing and recording information to help reduce administration and increase patient-facing time.

Our interoperable solution helps you improve patient experience while enhancing clinical safety in your community and mental health settings


A solution for mental health services

Our electronic patient record solution can be expertly configured to best meet the needs of mental health providers. We work with NHS Trusts and private organisations offering a diverse range of services, which we can support with clinical modules tailored for CAMHS, CYP IAPT and substance misuse. Our technology allows you to provide your patients with the specialised care they need. NHS Trusts can be confident that their patient data is always kept secure in line with NHS Information Governance requirements, while private providers can enhance their profile in the competitive private healthcare space by offering patients more personalised care through the use of tailored care plans.

A solution for community health services

Carenotes allows you to customise your solution depending on the types of service you offer – whether you’re a large, multi-disciplinary NHS Community Trust or a smaller organisation offering a single service. As community nurses and health visitors need to travel to and from patient visits and the office, maximising the time they get to spend with patients is vital. Our electronic patient record solution enables your road-based teams to cut down on the amount of paperwork they need to take with them for each visit, and enables them to dramatically reduce the time they spend on admin. With our solution, your community teams can receive alerts, care plans, assessments and visit details while on the road, promoting interoperability, more effective communication and helping you work towards a paper-light service.

A solution for child health services

Health visitors and family nurses will benefit from the use of our mobile solution while travelling between families. Our solution allows road-based teams to maximise efficiency during shifts by reducing the need to carry around paperwork. With specialist reporting modules, along with rich clinical details on allergies and assessments, your staff and patients benefit from the most accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information on each patient, at the point of care. All data sent to and from Carenotes is securely encrypted, meaning you can be sure that patient data is always kept safe from unauthorised access.

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