The Business Case for Building a Digital Workplace

A blueprint for the future of work

About the ebook

Different sectors have ventured towards digitisation at their own pace. Some have quickly adopted new technologies and digitised their operations. Demand, expense, fear of productivity loss and security concerns have held many others back. However, through the adoption of particular tools and of IT environments, business process and IT outsourcing have steadily become more and more commonplace.

These changes became more rapid due to the effects of Covid-19. The pandemic brought about the largest move to remote working that the world has ever seen. 42 per cent of respondents in our 2020 Digital Business Report, said that future working practices are triggering new software and technology purchases.

A digital workplace is no longer a consideration, a ‘nice to have’, a place we’ll get to in five years when the budget finally allows. A digital workplace is now a necessity.


Digital Workplace

Our services allow IT leaders to focus on strategic activities, while improving security, agility and innovation. We follow four key principles: provide security and end user focused services that can be trusted; ‘as-a-Service’ delivery with modern lifecycles management that enables you to stay current, compatible and secure; support the UK Government Code of Practice; provide innovative solutions with a high quality managed service experience.

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