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All organisations want to provide first-class customer service and deliver on their promises. But in reality, many SME manufacturers struggle to meet customer expectations. Why? Because the complexity of business today often becomes too difficult to manage with the tools they have available.

This results in production and delivery delays, costly waste of material and resources, product quality issues, financial stress – and ultimately it undermines the potential of the business and what it can achieve.

We can help you address all of this so that you can look afresh at your ambitions and reimagine a more agile, productive and efficient organisation.



Resolving your challenges


  • Inability to manage pricing accurately as volume grows
  • Inability to maintain accurate financial reporting
  • Inability to optimise cashflow and working capital
  • Inability to maintain full supply chain traceability including its relation with financial consequences


  • An integrated business solution including financial management
  • Increase financial accuracy with one version of the truth
  • Quickly report on financial health to get a clear view of cashflow
  • See what is working and what's not, and how to grow profit


  • Disconnected supply chains result in delays and disappointment
  • Inability to increase delivery velocity and accuracy
  • Digital capabilities fuel changing customer demands and expectations
  • Inability to increase customer loyalty and evangelism


  • Cloud as a service integrates sales, accounts and CRM to get a clear view of your customer journeys
  • Hear and respond to what your customers are saying and improve satisfaction
  • Centralised, detailed customer information focusses efforts and eliminates stress
  • Cloud technology provides the latest information on the go to improve resolution and fulfilment


  • Lack of visibility across the supply chain
  • Inability to increase forecast accuracy and demand variability
  • Inability to make timely and accurate decisions while in the field / on the road
  • Disparate systems offer inconsistent and unclear business information


  • Systems integration ensures data is accurate across the business
  • Access information on the move using Cloud technology
  • Information management solutions provide a singular version of the truth
  • Data center automation gives a continually updated view of business performance


  • Inability to have visibility of performance either for the business overall or for individual jobs
  • Over reliance on accountant and bookkeeping services constrains the business
  • No understanding of business growth and development opportunities
  • Inadequate reporting software fails to show where there is wasted resource


  • In depth business reporting, drilling down into the data and insight held within your system
  • Human capital management gives you a clear view of business activity across all functions
  • Unite the factory and office floor with business integration that tracks growth and performance across all areas
  • Data discovery with a user-friendly view of statistics providing everyone in the business with actionable insight


  • Inability to ensure goods and parts arrive exactly on time
  • Inability to manage large volumes of stock and complex stock movements
  • Inability to reduce customer lead time due to supply chain delays and a lack of manufacturing efficiencies
  • Inability to manage complex Bills of Materials and serial numbering


  • Optimise your efforts with Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • Manufacturing operations management achieves efficient and effective production
  • Factory supply chain solutions manage orders within the system, increasing accuracy and visibility
  • Prompt order fulfilment ensures you are meeting customer satisfaction


  • Inability for sales teams to share accurate costing and pricing information when visiting customers
  • Lack of planning and forecasting put day to day operational control at risk
  • Inability to manage sales and purchasing due to disconnected IT infrastructure
  • Inability for sales to provide quotes and answer enquiries while in the field


  • Agile cloud applications for the entire sales function improves order to cash
  • Track, understand and report on sales performance with data center automation
  • Cloud integration offers flexible working and information updates on the move, keeping sales teams in the field
  • Demonstrate your workstyle transformation, by using invoice management technology with a prospect in the field

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"We now have complete control over our operations and financial performance, during a period of rapid growth."

- AM Jerrum, Managing Director at AJ Tensile Fabrications LTD

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"It has been the foundation of our business success and is absolutely instrumental in our future."

- K. Burgoyne, Co-founder Aspire Furniture

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“We can now focus on what
gives us the best returns

- Simon Mcloughlin, Managing Director at C-Fury Limited

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