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Manufacturing Simplicity

All organisations want to provide first-class customer service and deliver on their promises. But in reality, many SME manufacturers struggle to meet customer expectations. Why? Because the complexity of business today often becomes too difficult to manage with the tools they have available.


This results in production and delivery delays, costly waste of material and resources, product quality issues, financial stress – and ultimately it undermines the potential of the business and what it can achieve.


We can help you address all of this so that you can look afresh at your ambitions and reimagine a more agile, productive and efficient organisation.



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*numbers are based on average savings from our existing customers using Business Cloud Essentials.

Understanding key issues


Understanding financial health

Due to disjointed and inaccurate reporting, duplication of data and numerous compatibility errors, manufacturers struggle to manage the company’s finances.

Customer expectations

Evolving customer norms means there is an expectation of quicker delivery and competitive pricing – without a compromise on quality.

Business insight

Lack of visibility across the supply chain limits an organisation’s ability to forecast accurately and make timely decisions.

Growth and performance

Reliance on bookkeeping and paper-based systems leads to inefficiencies and errors. And it’s the time spent on rectifying these mistakes that thwarts growth and strong performance.

Managing production

Ensuring goods and parts arrive on time, and managing complex Bills of Materials (BoMs), can be time consuming and can create inaccuracies.

Disconnected sales and invoicing

Manufacturers are often unable to manage sales and invoicing effectively due to disconnected manual processes which lead to inaccurate and out-of-date data.

How our Business Management software can help you


“Since Business Cloud Essentials is a fully contained package, it will allow single entry of data in nearly every case, which will significantly reduce workload and increase efficiency.”

Chris Sullivan, IT Manager

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“Business Cloud Essentials has been the foundation of our business success and is absolutely instrumental in our future. It has taken us from one employee to 20; we think it could take us from 20 to 100.”

Kit Burgoyne, Co-Founder

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“We feel our needs are really understood. Advanced’s business management solution offers us a great deal of flexibility, with complete visibility of our stock and inventory, both in the UK and overseas.”

Phil Vaughan, Systems Manager

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