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Advanced Financials offers deep, robust accounting and financial management functionality for the Logistics and Distribution sector, served in an easy to use, user friendly interface.


Our Cloud-based accounting solution provides a core financial management system with functionality built for the future, enabling organisations to manage their multiple business units and view data from across the company, with powerful reporting and legislative capabilities.


In addition, our Advanced Financials service manages the delivery and maintenance of the system, so finance and IT teams can instead focus on value-add activities for the business and ensure that you make your deliveries on time.

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80% reduction in paper

150 hours saved on invoicing a month

Understanding key issues



Too much time spent on reporting

Many finance teams end up spending a huge amount of time trying to understand and report on data within their finance system. This makes it challenging to provide Logistics and Distribution leaders with a clear overview of the numbers.

What if you had an intuitive dashboard with all the information you need?


Struggling to forecast financial performance

If recent times have proved anything to our finance teams, it is that having a future view of your cash position is absolutely critical to business success. Old technology often holds finance teams back from being able to plan ahead for the future.

What if you had the tools to forecast the financial performance of your business and could directly guide on business strategy?


High staff turnover

With a lot of organisations struggling to retain staff, finance teams need to ensure they are able to keep high performers happy and also able to attract new talent to the organisation.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had the tools to offer hybrid working to attract new talent while keeping an efficient operation?

How Advanced Financials can help you


“The system now enables users to see what work they have done throughout the day, so it makes identifying and addressing time gaps at the end of an entry period much easier.”

Simon Baun, Head of IT

“This was one of the smoothest and easiest projects I’ve managed. A big thank you goes to the Advanced team. Everything went extremely well, from project scoping and planning, to project communication and knowledge transfer. And of course, it is a very high quality software application.”

Dr Doville, IT and Business Project Manager

“We have achieved 100% user adoption due in large part to the various time recording options available, as well as the flexibility of the Carpe Diem mobile app and the comprehensiveness of the TimeFinder technology.”

Jon Wyche, Head of IT

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