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Having the space to focus on humans, not resources, has remained a key challenge for HR teams in the Logistics and Distribution space throughout the pandemic. What if you could make HR more human?


HR teams often get bogged down in endless admin tasks, especially in a time of constant workforce upheaval. Ageing technology and a hefty workload mean focus is diluted, creativity is stifled, and often our focus goes to who shouts the loudest rather than where HR teams can add real value to their people. The Distribution & Logistics workers are often measured by speed and not so often by quality. Maintaining quality in operations while keeping it fast paced is a struggle that many operation managers have. But ignoring this issue is no longer an option if you want to retain your staff.


One single sign on gives HR teams and employees quick and simple access to all HR functionality, whether that be booking annual leave, logging sickness, logging a personal development plan or booking training. We provide easy tools so that HR teams and employees can focus on what matters: making HR more human.


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79% of our customers report increased efficiencies

63% of our customers find it easier to report on employee data

78% of our customers find it simpler to comply with legislation

Understanding key issues



Getting rid of admin work and improving productivity

The HR department is the spine of every business, but it’s often overlooked. Too many HR professionals spend way too much time handling repetitive tasks due to lack of effective technology. Ensuring your HR team is more agile empowers you with more time to attract the new talent your business needs and helps you focus on the more important tasks.

How much extra time would your HR team have if you could provide self-serving holiday booking and absence tracking for all your employees?


Staff Retention

Staff retention is one the biggest struggles for Distribution and Logistics businesses. Keeping staff engaged and evaluating levels of satisfaction can be difficult.  You don’t know employees are unhappy until they leave because many are working remotely with little to no interaction with managers.

What if you had strong reporting tools available to predict workforce capabilities and levels of employee satisfaction?


Adapt with the market

The instability of the distribution market is the only predictable thing about it. The global supply chain has a domino effect and often the effects of this is completely out of organisations’ individual control. Being able to safely store information and plan ahead for incoming legislation and changes you know are coming means you can  stay ahead of curve.

Wouldn’t it be great to have all your employee information safely stored so you can adapt your operations accordingly?

How Cloud HR can help you


Strong reporting tools to predict workforce capability, levels of absence/sickness and managing levels of satisfaction to improve retention.

Cloud-based to enable remote and field-based workers to access anytime, anywhere keeping your businesses ticking over

Self service capabilities allow your people to book annual leave, record sickness, update Covid vulnerability status and log self-isolation, improving health & safety and avoiding employee absence due to sickness

“The system now enables users to see what work they have done throughout the day, so it makes identifying and addressing time gaps at the end of an entry period much easier.”

Simon Baun, Head of IT

“This was one of the smoothest and easiest projects I’ve managed. A big thank you goes to the Advanced team. Everything went extremely well, from project scoping and planning, to project communication and knowledge transfer. And of course, it is a very high quality software application.”

Dr Doville, IT and Business Project Manager

“We have achieved 100% user adoption due in large part to the various time recording options available, as well as the flexibility of the Carpe Diem mobile app and the comprehensiveness of the TimeFinder technology.”

Jon Wyche, Head of IT

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