Flexipay does everything you would expect a great payroll system to do but goes above and beyond the standard. Our payroll experts and highly skilled developers have come together to create a truly intuitive, easy to use payroll solution for the logistics and distribution sector – made by payroll professionals, for payroll professionals.


The distribution market is fast changing and demands agility from all parts involved, Flexipay can eliminate the single most frustrating part of payroll management - waiting for payroll to run - with instant gross to net calculation engine.

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10,000 payroll calculations in under 20 seconds

It costs on average £11k to replace an employee who leaves due to being paid incorrectly

Understanding key issues



Struggling to scale business operations

The distribution industry requires constant and quick growth from businesses in order to keep up with the market demand. Not having enough personnel or equipment can mean missing out on opportunities and new and bigger customers. Saving on payroll and admin work can mean a bigger budget to reinvest in scaling and guaranteeing your business success in this very competitive market.

How agile would your decision making be if you had real time information available?


Payroll is time consuming and inaccurate

Payroll inaccuracy is a big problem for Logistics and Distribution businesses of all sizes. Overspending and losing talent due to clerical mistakes on payroll adds more responsibilities to your operations department with constant training and unhappy workers.

Imagine a payroll solution that’s always accurate, ready in seconds, and available anytime.



Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing has been a huge concern for employers throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, the reality for many workers in the UK is relying on credit between paydays. Waiting 2 to 4 weeks to get paid can affect employee mental health and impact productivity levels at work.

What if you could reduce financial stress of your talent by letting them draw their wages as they earned them?

How Flexipay can help you


“The system now enables users to see what work they have done throughout the day, so it makes identifying and addressing time gaps at the end of an entry period much easier.”

Simon Baun, Head of IT

“This was one of the smoothest and easiest projects I’ve managed. A big thank you goes to the Advanced team. Everything went extremely well, from project scoping and planning, to project communication and knowledge transfer. And of course, it is a very high quality software application.”

Dr Doville, IT and Business Project Manager

“We have achieved 100% user adoption due in large part to the various time recording options available, as well as the flexibility of the Carpe Diem mobile app and the comprehensiveness of the TimeFinder technology.”

Jon Wyche, Head of IT

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