Operative On Way

Keeping your customers updated 

When your field-based operatives need to carry out essential jobs at a customer’s home, enabling the customer to have visibility of where the operative is, and their arrival time, is a big help. Operative On Way provides real-time messaging, updating the customer on the whereabouts of the mobile worker and when they can expect to see them.


Provides two-way communication in real-time between the operative and customer

Customer clicks on a link to view journey details on a map, and can do so multiple times

Appointment and operative details are presented to their customer

Configurable look and feel of the solution to suit the needs of the service provider and their customers

Integrates with our Job Manager solution, yet also open to using third party field service management systems

Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices

OOW Phones

Dynamic Resource Scheduling software

When you need to provide essential work, helping you carry on

Our Field Service Management solution includes Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS). It helps field service organisations manage the unexpected. DRS automatically recalculates the most efficient work plan, reallocating jobs to appropriate team members. This allocation isn’t done purely on availability or location, DRS can also factor in the best person for the job based on their skills and training. The software can then also review supporting resources available, such as vehicles, materials and specialist equipment.

When dealing with unfolding situations, planners using DRS don’t have to spend hours analysing and testing different variations of work. Because they can dynamically allocate emergency and exceptional appointments across the whole workforce, it also eliminates the need to keep buffer slots free.

DRS Desktop view

Mobile Workforce Management software

Toolbox Alert, keeping your team safe

Toolbox Alert communicates safe working practices, such as workplace hazards or health and safety procedures to operatives, with an audit trail around the communication. This new configuration is part of our leading Mobile Workforce Management software, Job Manager.

Alerts can be sent to mobile operatives, with guidance notes, attached documents and a web link if required. A notification is sent to the operative’s mobile device to let them know a new ‘Toolbox Alert’ is ready for synchronising.

Once synchronised, an audit trail is produced to confirm the operative now has the Toolbox Alert on their device. When the operative receives and reads the guidance they can move it to ‘Read and Understood’ status and then ‘Complete’.

Job Manager
"It was less than 24 hours from initial concept to a job template live and ready to deploy in our production environment. The need to communicate with operatives on the ground is vital, and the Toolbox Alert will allow us to do this rapidly and effectively. This will ensure we can pass on advice in relation to their safety, and that of our customers, both during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.”

Ian McEwan, Your Homes Newcastle

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